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Trackier empowering future generations in urban slum pockets

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The most recent data shows that 35% of the Indian population resides in slums. Reports have it that every 8th urban child in India lives in slums. These staggering numbers should jolt any corporation that believes in Social Responsibility into action. Our association with Voice of Slum was birthed to show at least some of these children the possibility of a better life. By providing interventions in Education, Skills Training, and Health, we hope to give these kids access to crucial services, which will positively impact their lives.

Located in Sector 44, Noida, Voice of Slum is a non-profit organization with Dev and Chandani at the heart of it as cofounders. Coming from a background of being rag pickers themselves, there is no one more equipped to know what kids that live and grow up in the slums need. They are helping transform the lives of slum kids by providing quality education from pre-school till graduation.

Volunteer Work By Trackier

Responsible for uplifting the lives of 15,000 slum children so far, the organization continues to do its incredible work and we are happy to be a small part of it. 

The work being done helps curb issues of youth unemployment, poor health, sanitation, and educational attainment. The best part is that all the work being done is community-driven and community-led.

We are exceptionally proud of this program, not just because of the incredible work that we have been able to do but unlike many other CSR programs, through this program, we were able to ensure collaboration between project implementing agencies (Voice of Slum) and community stakeholders (The people at Trackier).

Such programs always work great in theory but can lack in implementation due to a lack of community participation and ownership. At Trackier we addressed this by sustaining mobilization and awareness activities. Because we had the people of Trackier on the ground in the capacity of implementing partners, it strengthened their ability to effectively address the issues.

In the future, we plan to associate with more NGOs to better the lives of youth in our community. We look forward to effectively being active in solving prevalent socio-economic issues in and around the community.

Trackier Voice Of Slum

If you are passionate about the betterment of your community, you can associate with Voice of slum and give a hand in the incredible work that they are carrying out. They are always looking for volunteers. If you are unable to dedicate your time, you can always help them out with resources.

Here is how you can help:

  • Sponsor a child’s education.
  • Contribute toward meal distribution for the people affected by COVID.
  • Donate toward helping run a rented premise to provide the best quality education to the slum children. The funds will go toward providing food, stationery, paying the fees for the slum kids enrolled in schools, and the salaries of 8 teachers. 
  • Volunteer your time to help kids from slums receive basic needs.
  • Make people aware of their work and help them crowdfund.

Visit the Voice of Slum Website if any of this speaks to you.

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