AdBlock Causes more than 1000$+ revenue loss per second to advertisers. I have myself just come across just 2-3 of these vendors and they weren’t much different in terms of technology – most offer monetization while some offer actionable measurement or subscription options, here’s a line on each one of them along with more partners I could find online – 

Acceptable Ads Platform (Adblock Plus)

New initiative from Eyeo that will help speed up advertiser white-listing process and will only allow “acceptable” ads to serve on publisher website via a single tag implementation. Future of the platform still in doubt with the German courts labeling their business model illegal. Google and Appnexus also withdrew their support from the platform. 

List of Companies

BlockAdBlock – Platform helps publishers to fully customize their message to the adblock user, pretty detailed with regards to the customization options. 

Admiral – Offers free ad block analytics services with a paid upgrade option that helps to engage user and recover lost revenue. 

PageFair – Offers ad-block analytics services. Also, offers reclaimed ad monetization for premium publishers and media groups. 

AdReclaim – Helps publishers to reclaim lost inventory by getting past ad blocks caused by malware, adware, JS, plugins, extensions.Helps in monetization of in-display, in-text, in-feed, in-image across desktop and mobile web. 

Yavli – Offers a sponsored content ad server that can run direct and demand from Yavli partners looking for traffic. 

Sourcepoint – Offers a custom tailored compensation platform to publishers. They can start a dialogue and offer users the choice between enabling ads or choosing to watch a video or pay a subscription fee for an ad-less version. Also offers a cross publisher subscription. 

Facebook – They have developed a technology that allows them to circumvent ad blockers on facebook desktop. User has the choice to exclude particular advertiser and Facebook learns from these choices to customize ads as per user interest, thus making it less annoying.

I hope you find this useful. 

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