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Remain alert and manage the risk of your iGaming campaigns

Trackier’s iGaming Platform is the key to securing your campaign from privacy breaches, bad traffic, and dubious players.

When You’re Defending Against Tricky Fraudsters,
You Need a Platform That’s Efficient and Future-Ready

Control the Withdrawal Stage

Are some affiliates getting you a mix of both good and bad traffic? How do you eliminate fraud in that case? You can apply risk rules to block players who are about to cash out their virtual chips.

Monitor the Traffic

Clearly identify the quality of your partners and detect affiliate fraud.

Enable Device Fingerprinting

Enrich data as soon as people land on your website through device fingerprinting to answer questions like: Have they appeared on the site before? Do they switch devices too often? Is the software they use suspicious? etc. o know if they are a human or a bot.

Analyze User Behaviour

Confirm suspicious users by looking at their behavior. We give you risk rules that you can apply to your data to eliminate offenders.

Still on the fence?

Let our customers convince you!

Valuable data & insights — always at hand
Our Exness Affiliates team has been using the Trackier platform for more than 6 months now. During this time, the service has become an essential additional tool for our Affiliate program. Why? It’s innovative, cost-efficient, and most importantly: partners benefit from it by getting valuable data and insights. We appreciate Trackier team's support and ability to meet all of our requirements within a short time.

Sergey Yarovoy
Affiliate Team Leader

Easy to set up, full accessibility, and to the point!
Using the Trackier platform allows us to efficiently set up and deliver our campaigns at a very detailed level. We have a complete view of and access to all key data such as mobile devices, carriers, or offers. This information allows us to manage our platform, campaigns, and publishers in real-time.

Abhinav Jain
Co-Founder & COO

Thank you Trackier!
The support is simply amazing. They understand the client's perspective to the bottom, identify the issues & always come up with practical applicable solutions.

Rohit Arora
VP - Technology

Affrise Media

Responsiveness - that’s the most important thing!
Trackier offers more robust features than any other platform. The moment we come up with a requirement, we get on a call and get it done ASAP. My team has a lot of freshers, and they all could easily learn the platform without any challenges.

Arpit and Anuj

Always evolving + Super supportive + Nothing less than its foreign counterpart
In fact, looking at the proactiveness of support and innovations in the product very soon it would be better than the best in the industry. Himanshu Atwal has been our go-to person and a real problem solver in the team.

Chitra Shah
Business Head

Growing with Trackier in our 3-year-long relationship
We would like to appreciate the way you guys have helped us in scaling the business and solving our serious as well as silly queries. "Trackier" is the best of the bunch and has been the best decision for us to opt for their platform.

Asmita Kapoor

Oplifi Logo

Nothing like we’ve ever seen in our affiliate marketing career
We have been associated with Trackier since 2016. We’ve literally seen Trackier evolve into a very advanced platform with a lot of functionalities that are required for robust tracking. And the kind of support we get from Tracker is amazing. If we require any exclusive functionality, they build it for us in a day or two.

Anup and Hina


Here's how Trackier can help you increase your affiliate revenue by 40%

Why Choose Trackier?

Trackier will help you understand cross-channel customer journeys so you can create personalized experiences and drive conversions.

Multi-Touch Reporting Feature

Visualize the customer journey from first contact to conversion using smart attribution.

Ensure Full Reliability With 99.9% Uptime

Cloud-based software guaranteed to be lag and crash-free - even after long usage.

Wide Range of Integrations

Pick from 300+ ad networks, media sources, and analytics tools to manage campaigns.

Expert Assistance at Your Fingertips

Customer support is available 24*7 on call and chat to help you navigate through the platform.
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