On our beloved client’s demand, we are glad to introduce this new Feature of Campaign Redirect & Cap Alerting.
As a network, we don’t want to waste single traffic, so these features in our software help network optimizing traffic on campaigns.

Campaign Redirect

Normally when the traffic does not meet the targeting settings, e.g. the campaign is expired, caps exceeded, or geo-targeting is not matched, this traffic will be not be directed to the appropriate page. However, with Campaign Redirect, this traffic can be optimized and sent to the right campaigns.

For example, if a user clicks on a disabled link then the user will redirect to the link whichever you set as a  Fallback link. This will help to utilize each and every user because you never know which user gives you a chance to earn bucks.

Cap Alerting

Cap alerting, for both Campaign Caps and Publisher Caps, is the answer to letting publishers drive traffic more wisely. The alert settings for Campaign Caps and Publisher Caps can help you make timely and better decisions for campaigns with limited quota. And these specific alerts include Campaign Caps Approaching, Campaign Caps Reached, Publisher Caps Approaching, and Publisher Caps Reached.

With proper setting, the system can automatically push emails or in-platform notifications when the cap limit is almost reached or full, helping you to save time in notifying your Publishers one by one and make advanced arrangements. Also for your publishers, this will largely help them to save redundant traffic and avoid wasting traffic.

Read about how you can set Caps on publisher’s account and on Campaigns.

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