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Celebrating 5 years of Trackier

Written by Faizan Ayubi

Celebrating 5 years of Trackier

Trackier (once known as vNative) sprang to life in the hostels of DTU in 2016.

It seems crazy to write this: Trackier is celebrating its 5-year anniversary.

Right at the beginning of our story, imagine three 20-somethings acting on their entrepreneurial urges, with the invincibility of youth by their side.

As we changed our status to “self-employed”, we knew this is what we wanted. A place we could make our own, through which we could build a workforce that could depend on us and where we could give back to the community.

Although the business environment we chose was full of challenges, our well-defined vision, confidence, and zeal toward growth pushed us forward.

All that came between then and now is a long story, full of lessons learned and successes & failures. I’m delighted to say there are many more successes than failures!

Today I want to thank everyone who has, at various stages in Trackier’s history, played an important role in furthering our cause. Thank you.

Team Trackier

Trackier staff past and present – all of the team, everyone who has ever worked with us, I wish you well on your journeys. You’re all missed dearly.

To our clients – far too many great names to list – thank you for allowing us to innovate and trusting us to deliver. It would have been impossible for Trackier to be recognized as the pillar of professionalism that it is today in the market without your unwavering confidence and trust.

And finally to the many supporters who have shared us on their social media, engaged in our webinars, recommended us to colleagues over the years, I want to say thanks to all of you for your support.

Trackier is a company I am immensely proud of. It’s not just about the business itself, it’s the people. The parties, the case studies, the CSR activities, the tea breaks, and the support we provide each other…

After 5 years of hard work, we remain just as ambitious as when we started but with more experience, an arsenal full of skills, and collaborations that will last a lifetime. We have been profitable in our operations from Day 1 and plan to remain bootstrapped.

What I am most proud of is the spirit of servicing the community that Trackier holds. We have committed 5% of our Profit Generated Year by Year to Social Work and on this joyous occasion of turning 5, we hope to celebrate our success by bringing smiles to the faces of the kids at Samarthnam Trust.

I would like to close with a promise to our workforce, customers, and the communities we serve — Trackier is here for the long haul. We are invested in our communities, being a continually supportive force in the lives of our employees, and longstanding partners to our customers.

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