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A step towards animal welfare and wildlife agencies

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We like dogs as much as the next guy. Most members of our team at Trackier are pet parents to rescues. Recently, we were made aware of the incredibly creative and heartwarming initiative undertaken by Raahat – A Hope for Strays. Originated in Jalandhar, Punjab, its objective is to raise awareness of the plight of stray animals, help them however they can, and promote their adoptions.

Their incredible team takes care of strays in and around Punjab. With our help, they were even able to open a small albeit necessary center where the more critical cases could find foster care and medical help. However only a few years old, Raahat has been able to help over a thousand strays and fast-tracked the rescue and adoption of a few through their on the ground and social media efforts.

Animal Welfare

They also plan to start a ‘Knowledge Center’ where training and awareness programs can be conducted for members of the public who are also passionate about animal welfare but do not know where to start.

Being a small NGO, they tend to lack the required means and resources needed to carry out their operations and projects sustainably. This is where corporates like Trackier can jump in to help with the essential funding needs. We found that contributing toward the preservation of the urban wildlife and the habitat was a delightful way to distribute our CSR spending.

If you are here, that means you are as passionate about animal welfare as teams Raahat and Trackier. We implore you to visit their Facebook, Instagram, and Website (going live soon) to see how you can also contribute toward making a stray happy today.

In the future, we plan to do more to create awareness on the situation of ecological problems such as shrinking habitat, animal sacrifices, cruelty to animals, extinction of wild species of flora and fauna, etc.

Dog Adoption

How can you help?

The most basic thing you can do is to get engaged with the Raahat team on social media platforms. If you are feeling more generous, you can:

  • Provide Grants: Provide monetary donations to help build facilities for the rescued animals. Specific needs related to infrastructure, medical care, or activities can be funded/supported individually.
  • Sponsorships & Adoptions: You can sponsor recurring expenses such as general medical supplies and food for a fixed time period. Help in the passive adoption of an animal till it is released or for shorter durations and provide funds for the medical treatment, food, and rehabilitation enclosure.
  • Volunteering: Visit with them to interact with animals.
  • Donation of Equipment and Assets: Raahat is always looking for various equipment to carry out its rescue, treatment, rehabilitation, and administration process. You can organize a donation drive or choose to help by donating in cash towards the procurement of the needed equipment.

To know precisely how you can get involved write to Raahat at

Pets help make a house a home. As such, we hope Raahat’s effort to get people to adopt stray animals is successful. In the meantime, it’s time to take my dog out for a walk.

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