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Mastering Retention Marketing: How to Calculate LTV for Mobile Games

Written by Reshu Manglik

Did you know around 76% of businesses view Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) as one of the most important metrics? Why? Because as per the study, your existing consumers spend 67% more on your business than new customers. Needless to explain […]


Make Your Mobile App With Complete Mobile App Builder Guide

Written by Nikhil Kumar

I have a mobile app idea, but how do I introduce a new mobile app successfully in the market?Do you have a similar question, and is looking for the answer? True that it could be complicated. But to help you […]

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Measuring K-Factor: How to boost K-Factor for your Mobile App

Written by Bharath S.

Mobile App Publishers are always looking for ways to understand how they can improve their user base and how impactful their app is in the market. One way to do this is by mobile app attribution of your marketing strategies. […]

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