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Everything You Need To Know About Pre Roll Ads

Written by Aishna Ohri

Every day we make thousands of decisions, from what to have for breakfast to when to go to sleep, be they small or big decisions, most of such decisions are taken in the blink of an eye. It’s said that […]


Secure Your Apps : A Complete Checklist For App Security

Written by Nikhil Kumar

In the world of technology, having a mobile in hand is the norm. Mobile devices are more frequently used than desktops or laptops. Smartphones carry a lot of sensitive information, including financial and personal data. Thus, they have become a […]

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A Guide on In-App Advertising for Publishers

Written by Bharath S.

In-App Advertising has become an impactful tool for user acquisition and a great way of monetization from apps for any publisher. With over 7 billion mobile users today, a mobile marketing strategy has become the need of the hour.  As […]

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