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How iGaming Operators and Affiliates Use ChatGPT

Written by Stuti Singh

ChatGPT is the newest trend in the digital market that took up the market with a boom and is the latest sensation in the industry. Many significant technological advancements have been transforming the digital world and the iGaming sector. One […]


Referral vs Reseller: Choose the Right Partnership for Your Business

Written by Bharath S.

Any business that wants to increase sales and attract new clients must have a solid partnership strategy. As a result, it’s crucial to make informed partner decisions. Despite the fact that there are numerous channels for partnerships, our focus today is […]

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Content Commerce: Content Marketing in eCommerce

Written by Bharath S.

Content Commerce has been on a steady rise in recent years. It’s not surprising that a more genuine method of reaching audiences should step up as we enter a cookieless world and witness the inevitable decline of advertising. But for marketers, brands, […]

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How To Decide On The Affiliate Commission Rate?

Written by Nikhil Kumar

According to a study conducted, affiliate marketing is used by roughly 81% of firms. Its popularity is a result of its efficiency as well as the ability to assess the campaign’s success and charge for concrete outcomes. Calculating the commission […]

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How publishers evaluate affiliate network

Written by Mukul Kaushik

Two days back one of my clients asked me about the mindset of an affiliate while assessing an Affiliate Network. As an Affiliate network conserving the affiliates is one of the big factors in scaling your business. In this article, I tried […]

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