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Trackier Q4 Product Updates

This past quarter has been busy for Trackier. Not only have we developed a completely new platform for iGaming but brought several upgrades to our existing platforms. We are excited to share the significant updates we have made to our Performance Marketing Software. Take a look:

Trackier product update

Upgrades to already existing features

1. View-through attribution on publisher level

This solution enables enhanced impression tracking through publisher-level whitelisting.

While working with advertisers, a common issue raised was the need to block impression conversions from certain publishers while allowing them for more trustworthy ones.

With this update, you can now whitelist publishers for view-through attribution you want to receive conversion data from thus ensuring the prevention of any conversions being attributed to unwanted origins.

Whitelists also add an extra layer of security against fraudulent activity!

This campaign-level setting is a godsend for advertisers as they can now pick and choose which publishers they want to allow impression tracking for.

view through attribution

2. Tags-wise filter in reports

Admins can now group advertisers under certain tags and see reports for them at once. These category-wise reports make it easier for you to view all your advertisers or the ones that you want to group together in one report.

All you need to do is select the options to filter advertisers based on the tags as shown in the image below:

Tag-wise filter

3. Invoice module revamp

Our invoice module has been completely revamped and the Dashboard UI is now much simpler and has better functionality. We have updated the module with the much-needed features:

  • Filter for invoices
  • Remove date range
  • Date range in the filter
  • Invoice Print as PDF

invoice module

4. Unique and rejected filter in click report

We have added more advanced filters to our Click Report so now you can see unique clicks and rejected clicks in the Click Report.

Click Report

5. Fraud reasons visibility in the conversion report

Through this filter, our clients and publishers can view fraud reasons for rejected conversions. You can set up parameters for the specific publishers that you want to show fraud reasons to.

This publisher-specific KPI can be implemented in the conversion report. The main updated features are the Rejected conversions status and the Fraud reason for those rejected conversions.

Fraud Reasons

New Features

1. Track impressions through smart link

Clients who needed to track impressions through smart links now can!

track impressions through smart link

2. Team member filter

This filter will allow admins to see reports for a particular team member. Now you can see a specific report for checking the performance of team members.

team member filter

3. Publisher timezone report support

If you work with a lot of foreign publishers from different countries, this new feature will come in handy for you. This feature will let publishers see reports based on their own timezone.

Now publishers get to see the report at different timezones which is useful if the network timezone is different from the timezone the publisher is working in.

There is an option for you to select the timezone for a publisher’s interface. These 2 features have to be enabled for this feature to work:

  • Subid timezone report
  • Pub timezone report

publisher timezone

Pub timezone

4. Publisher Wise Report KPI support

You can now specify custom KPIs to be shown to a specific publisher. For example, if you need to show gross conversions to specific publishers you can select the specific publisher-wise KPI option.

Publisher Wise Report

Publisher Wise Report

5. Send Cap reached email notification to publishers

Publishers can now be notified in their email addresses after the shared cap for a campaign has been reached.

Cap Reached

6. Scheduling the campaigns to run on specific weekdays

You can now choose specific days to run campaigns. This is a provision for scheduling the campaigns. Suppose you want campaigns to be promoted only on weekdays and pause them on weekends, this functionality lets you do exactly that.

You can use this feature from the advanced option in campaign scheduling. Now choose your desires days on which you want to run campaigns with a specific time format.

Scheduling the campaigns to run on specific weekdays


Scheduling the campaigns to run on specific weekdays


Keep reading this space to get more updates on what’s new and what’s next for Trackier.

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