‘If you are an Advertiser on PPCMate and you want to Track PPCMate Campaign ROI. Then you’ll be easily able to track all the clicks and conversions.

Steps to Follow to Track PPCMate Campaigns ROI:

Step I:     Create a Publisher Account for PPCMate.
Goto: Publisher >> Add>>Fill the form and SUBMIT.
To know more in detail click here.

Step II:   Create a New Campaign of the Ad which you want to run on PPCMate.
We work on different media buying model. To know how to run Campaign click Here.

Step III: Generate the Tracking Link of the Campaign.

Step  IV: Now Create the Campaign on PPCMate using the tracking link.

  • Enter Tracking URL in Destination URL.

  • Then select the call to action as a Conversion unit and fill-up the information.

  • Select Tracking Type as ‘Postback’.

  • Click on Create a Campaign.

Step V:   Add Callback URL in Publisher Account of PPCMate in your Ad Network powered by vNative.

An Example of postback URL of PPCMate.


You have to add this URL in the call back section of the publisher of PPCMate, which we created in Step I.

Check Conversion/Click

You created the campaign the next thing would be checking whether campaigns getting some action on it or not. Click Here to see the conversions/clicks logs.

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