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3 Key Features Every SaaS Affiliate Tracker Should Have

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It is a task to manage an entire affiliate network, mainly when there are multiple campaigns and affiliates across multiple channels. Even with experienced professionals, it is a demanding task.

SaaS Affiliate Trackier is one platform that can be used to control the multiple affiliate partnerships that are processed by you. Now let’s look into the following major features that an Affiliate Tracking platform should have:

Affiliate Maketing


1. Tracking Options It Offers

Affiliate marketing is a vast market that will continue to grow in the future. And in such an ocean tracking each and every affiliate is a major shortcoming. Therefore look for an advanced Affiliate marketing platform that is able to provide you with accurate tracking data you can rely on for the correct decision-making. Each stage of your campaign should be trackable, It should be insightful about affiliates’ performance and custom reporting is a must.

2. Deep Dive into the Management Tools That Are Offered

A holistic affiliate management tool should be able to provide you with a platform that tracks and administers the campaigns, affiliates, and traffic using one software. Following are the steps of an effective affiliate marketing platform.

3. Fraud Protection

In the pool of the internet where you intend to partner with multiple affiliates and influencers, it’s important to have a fraud protection shield in the affiliate tracker you choose to carry out your performance marketing with

  • To Avoid transferring your offers manually, an offer management feature is a must-have.
  • Affiliates Payments, and commissions. It should also help in streamlining the payment process with affiliates and partners which in turn leads to maintaining healthy relationships with the partners. As each partner payment is given importance.
  • Managing Media, What you show to your end customer plays a key role in conversion, a tracking platform with a feature that supports the marketing collateral to be promoted through them is an ideal one, you can store, change and promote & manage your media material from one junction itself. Example export, import, replace, the images jpg, videos, png’s, text links, etc.
  • Automation saves time and provides accuracy. You can use your resources in a better way and utilize your time for important tasks.

3. Integration Processes

A robust Affiliate tracking system should have the option of smart links and API Integrations for partners or billing etc. Go for a platform that allows you to be open to smooth third-party integrations, set up interactions, and Facilitate external data analytics. And additionally should have a good customer support team to help streamline the processes. It will simplify the integration process and save time as well.

In a poll of marketers conducted in 2022, 41% of participants said that data driven marketing was most helpful for personalisation. 48 percent of the marketers who responded to the survey put mapping of the customer experience or customer journey first.


As we know it’s important to track the KPI’s accurately, without a support or right resources it is exhaustive therefore to smoothen the process requires a robust Affiliate Tracking Platform like Trackier presently supporting 1500+ Brands around the globe. It helps in maximising the ROI of your entire network. You can Book your Free Trial Today!

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