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8 Advantages and Disadvantages of M-Commerce

Written by Stuti Singh

Many eCommerce and retail firms have actively adopted higher mobile-centric strategies due to the enormous development of mobile devices and the widespread adoption of Internet services. It serves as a vital conduit for firms to interact with clients as well […]


How To Build Your Own Game Application

Written by Aishna Ohri

Ever Dreamt of creating a Gaming Application? All you need is the zeal, desire, Game Plan, and know-how on the technology. Let’s look into the steps of creating a gaming Application. Ways To Develop A Mobile Game Application Preparation on […]

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Data Never Matches: Addressing The Discrepancies  between Mobile Marketing Platforms and App Stores

Written by Udit Verma

Before we dive deep into the reasons for the difference in the data from the Analytics Platform (Google Play Store or App Store) and Mobile Marketing Platforms (trackers), let me first assure you that this dissimilarity is completely normal. However, […]

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IDFA dead or not? What are the changes in IOS 14.5?

Written by Udit Verma

With the spiking rise in privacy concerns and bombarding advertising promotions based on data accumulation, customers are becoming alarmed about their information’s safety. Apple is one company that took the initiative and altered its privacy policy with proactive indicators. The […]

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