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[Update] Influencer Sign Up, MoEngage Integration & More: Here’s What’s New at Trackier

While building this Attribution Tracking Solution for the performance marketing, mobile marketing, and iGaming industry, we came across the fundamentals of closed-loop marketing – collecting data at every stage of the customer journey, analyzing it, and using the insights gained to refine marketing efforts, drive conversions, and optimize results. But it’s not just getting more sales that we were aiming for, our point was to retain our existing customers. 

That’s why at Trackier we take customer feedback very seriously. Our product team works tirelessly to ‘close the loop’, implementing the changes and even creating new features at times, to keep our customers happy. 

Hence, the fortnightly product update blog. Let’s roll quickly! 

Performance Marketing Software Product Updates

Explore new features, filters, reporting, etc. that have been introduced to our Performance Marketing Software to make setting up campaigns, analyzing them, and optimizing them easier. 

Customers Can’t View Publisher Tiers Anymore 

For users who have been onboarded on or after January 1, 2023, the option for grouping publishers into Tiers has been discontinued. However, users who have joined us before January 1, 2023, can still see Publisher Tiers on their PMS dashboard. 

Daily CAP and Time Targeting Bug Fixes

Previously, if you set time targeting along with daily conversions, the campaigns were auto-paused when the daily conversion CAP was reached outside the set time. However, after the recent changes, Daily CAP will be reached only when the conversions are recorded within the time targeting specified. 

Add Custom Field While Creating/Adding New Team Member

You can now add custom fields while creating/adding a new team member on your Performance Marketing Software. Previously, users had to add the member first and then go to the ‘Manage’ section to add custom fields. 

now add custom fields while adding team member

Mobile Marketing Platform Product Updates

Trackier’s Mobile Marketing Platform undergoes frequent updates and improvements to make your mobile marketing campaigns a success. Here’s what’s unfolded this month at Trackier’s MMP. 

Impression ID Field in Install & InApp Event Logs 

Users can now see an Impression ID column in their Install & In-App Event Logs. You can now accurately attribute in-app events to specific impressions in your campaigns. Using this data, you can also analyze trends and behavior of your users on your mobile app to optimize your future ad targeting and messaging to optimize performance. 

Added column for impression ID in event reports

Integration with Customer Engagement Platform MoEngage

MoEngage is a popular customer engagement platform, using which you can send personalized messages to your customers at different stages of their buying journey, increasing their chances of completing an action – like sales, sign-up, etc. 

An integration has been added with them which will require an app ID, app key, and Moenagge data center which you can find easily in the MoEngage account. 

now integrate with MoEngage on Trackier MMP

Influencers Can Now Sign Up as a Partner

Many mobile marketers work with influencers and have the issue of where the influencer can sign up and view his/her stats. We have now added an option for mobile marketers to add the influencers as their partners on the MMP so that they can also view their progress in real-time. 

Now add influencers as partners on MMP

So, that was all! We’ll be back again in another fortnight with new updates, bug fixes, and improvements. If you have any trouble using any of the above new features, feel free to contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager over Skype or email. 

If you haven’t switched over to Trackier, you know what you’re missing out on. 😉

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