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Team Trackier at Mobidictum Business Conference 2022, Istanbul

The Objective of Mobidictum Business Conference was to bring Gaming, Mobile App Industry developers, Publishers, Investors, and service providers on one platform.This event provided Trackier with a great opportunity to network and benefit from each other’s knowledge. The Mobidictum Conference had attendees from 56 countries around the globe.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Application Growth

Mobidictum For Trackier
Team Trackier had a great experience at the conference as it allowed them to network with around 2000+ attendees. This event helped trackier to carry out interactive one on one sessions explaining the attendees on how trackier can empower the Mobile Application.

Focus Topics at The Mobidictum Business Conference
Acquisition, Publishing, Hyper Casual, PR & Localization, Web 3 And Blockchain
Marketing, Monetization, Hosting, Investment and Business.

Mobidictum Talks
At the Mobidictum Conference, very insightful talks were hosted like

  1. Winning Strategies to Maximise your Revenue
  2. Designing Games for Maximum Monitization
  3. How to Build High CTR Creatives Consistently
  4. How to Launch Hyper casual Game
  5. Approaches, Methods, Processes of creating Hyper Casual Games

And More..
To Conclude Trackier Loved being the part of Mobidictum Business conference as it provided a platform where insightful conversations were carried out with the seekers discussing the future possibilities of growth and development of the Mobile Applications.

Trackier Mobile Marketing Tool/ Platform (MMP) allows user to

  • Reach audience wherever they are, Capture their journey beat iOS challenges
  • Insights into audiences interests
  • Maximize Profits – Get access to custom reports to calculate ROI’s & ROA’s, tracks the performance of each partner
  • Unlock the potential of the Data fetched through Trackier MMP
  • Fraud Shield provision

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