Many CPA Campaigns Fails to perform due to many reasons like proper niche targeting, presentation of Ad unit to users are one of the top reasons, with vNative you can quickly create a Native Ad Unit of your CPA campaign and deploy it on any site with the ability to target ad viewability based on interests.

Unlike traditional display ads, native ads appear right in the content stream and mimic the form and function of the content around them and thus performs better, after we have completed the flow the native ad will be shown something like this

What you will know

  • How to set up your CPA Campaigns
  • How to track conversions with vNative Advertiser Plugin
  • See Performance Report
  • Setup Native Ad

Setup a CPA Campaign

STEP I: Go to Campaign List from Campaign Menu on the left bar and click on the new Campaign button, enter the required details as shown here.

STEP II: Select a commission model to be CPA and then save.

Track conversions with vNative Advertiser Plugin

STEP I: You can either copy the image pixel and insert into your code of Thank You Page.

STEP II: Now you can verify the pixel from setting page and activate the Campaign.

Performance Report

This report shows you the best Converting Device and Geo and Region with which you can actually differentiate on what’s working what’s not.

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