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StoreKit Ad Network, or SKAdNetwork, is a privacy-centric API operated by Apple. It helps ad networks and advertisers measure their ad activity (such as impressions, clicks, and app installs) on an aggregated level.

What is SKAdNetwork?

First introduced by Apple back in 2018, the SKAdNetwork API is a type of direct install attribution. It was developed to provide privacy-preserving, accurate attribution for iOS campaigns to advertisers without revealing any user-level or device-specific data.

How does it work?

We’ll begin with the four main players involved, each having specific roles and responsibilities to ensure a smooth operation: 

  • Publishing app: where the ad is displayed.
  • Ad network:  that connects app advertisers to publishers.
  • Target app: the app that is being advertised.
  • Mobile measurement partner (MMP): responsible for connecting all the dots by attributing and optimizing app data and campaign performance metrics. Holistic SKAdNetwork management allows marketers to measure, visualize, and optimize with ease.

There are two types of engagements that SKAdNetwork registers:

  • Views: whether an ad was viewed
  • StoreKit renders:  whether or not a StoreKit rendering was generated.

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