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Emulated Device

Emulated devices, often known as device emulators, are non-mobile devices that run mobile operating systems. Most developers use device emulators on their laptops to test their products on various devices or operating systems without having to buy and set up all of them.

What are Emulated Devices?

A device emulator is a programme or hardware that allows a computer system to emulate the behaviour of another device. An emulator allows one computer system (referred to as “the host”) to mimic the functionality of another (referred to as “the guest”).

A host system can run software and applications intended for the guest system with the help of an emulator. As a result, an emulated device (also known as a simulated device) is created, which is typically (but not always) a non-mobile device that mimics the functionality of a mobile device.

Developers utilize this method to test the performance of their apps, but it can also be exploited by fraudsters to steal advertisers’ ad revenue.


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