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Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google launched the AMP framework in early 2016 due to the increasing need for creating an optimized and tightly integrated user experience, replacing slow and stuttering mobile experiences users had to deal with.

What are Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Page is an open-source project from Google built in collaboration with developers, publishers, websites, and tech companies designed to make mobile pages fast and responsive for the end-user.

How does AMP work?

AMP is ​​designed to avoid common coding issues developers face and is easier for browsers to interpret AMP HTML, hence reducing lags.

AMP pages are served directly from Google AMP Cache. Google chooses to serve the cached copy of the landing page whenever required to offer faster loading times.

And when Google is not able to serve a cached copy of the landing page, your AMP landing page will load from your web server. Although the latter is not the fastest way to load the page, it is considerably faster than traditional non-AMP landing pages.

Advantages of AMP

Advertisers: AMP can be utilized for a variety of advertising formats. User experience is not interrupted by ads as the content is loaded asynchronously.

Publishers: Most Publishers benefit from the placement of AMP websites. Mobile optimized websites promise higher usability and contribute to better user signals.

Users: Users can now experience faster load time for pages and will get significant improvement in performance while browsing on slow internet.


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