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CTV Advertising: How Mobile Marketers Make the Most of It

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Despite the rapid advancement of technology and the entertainment industry, certain things haven’t altered all that much. The majority of TV advertising has remained static. By replacing outdated and ineffective advertising strategies with fresh, efficient, and interactive ones, CTV advertising (Connected TV) technology seeks to upend this paradigm. 

Owing to the presence of various screen kinds and cord-cutting choices, consumers are benefiting from this dramatic change. The success of companies like YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and similar services testifies to this.

CTV Advertising

The impact of advertising per dollar may be improved by using unique methods to reach targeted audiences.

CTV advertising enables marketers to simultaneously target viewers who use a wide range of devices to consume content, including laptops, cellphones, big-screen TVs, and gaming consoles. 

What is a CTV?

A TV that can link to the internet is known as a CTV or connected TV. This connection may be given via a connected device, such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or game consoles, or it may be incorporated into some devices, such as smart TVs, which enable apps and video streaming.

What are CTV ads and how do they work?

The increasing fusion of traditional TV and digital technology is best utilized by CTV advertisements. These commercials are, to put it simply, customized adverts that are sent to TVs linked to the internet.

CTV advertising is expected to be the next big thing in digital marketing as smart TVs and similar devices become a more common way to access streaming services.

How can Mobile Marketers master CTV Advertising?

  1. Target and reach your audience

    The most successful marketing campaigns are those that reach consumers where they are, and one of the best things about CTV advertising is its reach.  According to a recent report, 82% of households are anticipated to have a connection to CTV by 2023.

    To create your CTV campaign and connect with your target audience, you can use a variety of strategies. The most effective and simple to use is contextual targeting. 

    The best way to guarantee effective contextual targeting on CTV is to work with organizations that have integrated with all the major inventory providers and can deliver high-quality contextual data. 

    Cross-device targeting is also a great way to advertise to a particular CTV audience segment and then continue to advertise to that audience on their mobile devices. Due to the incomparable entertainment experience it provides, more and more people are choosing CTV over linear TV. 

    According to a Statista study, people watch CTV for an hour on average each day. The growing popularity of CTV makes it the perfect channel for brands to reach their target audience in an environment where they are more receptive and engaged.

  2. Measurement and Real-Time Analytics of CTV advertising campaign

    It’s no longer as difficult to measure performance in CTV and raise your CPIs or ROAS. Thanks to probabilistic attribution via IP and using an MMP, it is now possible to track conversions that result from CTV advertisements.

    Mobile marketers have access to a variety of exciting CTV opportunities, but understanding the factors that make CTV campaigns difficult to analyze and monitor is necessary.  And one of the primary challenges is the cross-device gap. 

    A mobile measurement partner (MMP) can offer a thorough evaluation of the effectiveness of your campaign, giving credit where credit is due for conversions made through all marketing channels.

    Only after a campaign has run for at least a month do advertisers who use traditional TV ads learn how well it performed. That is not the case with mobile marketing attribution on CTV advertising. You can access real-time reporting at any time because Connected TV is a digital platform. 

    Advertising companies can analyze and modify their campaigns in real-time to optimize and improve by having access to this kind of data. This enables you to comprehend the value of your CTV campaigns in relation to the rest of your marketing mix. CTV also enables brand lift measurement by linking an increase in organic traffic to the cost of a CTV campaign.

  3. Programmatic Advertising Algorithms (PAAs) 

Rather than conducting manual negotiations, programmatic advertising focuses on purchasing and selling ad inventory in real-time using automated bids software. Based on data and insights, this process enables advertisers to use their advertising budgets more effectively.
For the purpose of delivering the ideal advertisement to the ideal audience at the ideal time, algorithms are created and used to automatically purchase media space that meets previously established criteria. Every campaign is optimized by the algorithms in order for them to “learn” and provide better results in campaigns to come.

    4. Buying Cost-effective CTV Ads

Mobile marketers have an advantage over other buyers when buying CTV ads because they are already familiar with the programmatic environment. You can get your advertisements on the big screen without spending a lot of money with connected TV advertising.
Reaching target audiences in this big-screen format is more affordable thanks to CTV’s flexibility in choosing a pricing structure, such as cost per metric or cost per view.
It is safe to assume that users stream content with other people, giving advertisers more views per ad and lowering their cost per impression.
However, buying CTV inventory is still different. While major content owners like Disney or WarnerMedia don’t always sell their own inventory, streaming services like Hulu have their own demand-side platforms (DSPs) that do.
It is crucial to take your company’s objectives and location into account when selecting an inventory supplier.

CTV Advertising: Final Thoughts?

By combining the best elements of TV, mobile advertising, and online video advertising, connected TV offers a seamless experience. Although the experience of CTV is comparable to that of linear TV, the ability to target audiences based on the information these apps provide is much greater. 

In addition, watching content on CTV is frequently less expensive for viewers than watching traditional TV. CTV enables better cross-platform targeting options and more cross-platform data, which increases conversion for marketers. 

It performs better than any other ad environment currently in use, even mobile, thanks to reduced banner blindness, increased ad recall rate, and millennial cord-cutter audiences. 

TV will never be the same, and with the inception of connected TV, it is the perfect time to utilize new media. 

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