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Trackier Website Launch, Have You Seen Us Lately?

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A lot of Hustle, Brainstorming, Research, and teamwork have been put into the launch of our new website Trackier, every aspect of the website is created keeping in mind the user. Our past experiences helped us in understanding where we could make things better for our viewers and how we can artistically design our website with content so crisp and comprehending that our viewer is not left confused.

Trackier website launch

We worked on the two major Aspects as follows


  • Neat Design

We focussed on creating a clean design as we believed based on our research that the design of the website should be appealing, and attractive with intuitive navigation. Our new design focuses on creating a balance in showcasing the content and images that are interactive rather than being distractive. The aim is to provide a positive user experience that leads the viewer to convert.

  • Effective Color Scheme

We took care of the color schemes that we wanted to roll on our new website as we learned that the color schemes can evoke emotional responses like happiness, frustration, or calmness. For example, we used shades of Blue that are considered the color of trust. We learned that it’s important to keep in mind the logo color, Target audiences, Branding style, and Elements of color theory based on which we must decide on the color scheme.

  • Branding

We made sure the positioning of our brand logo should look professional and even designed professionally by our expert designers.

  • Functionality & Navigation

Functionality, a great amount of time was spent by the team to make sure the website functions well, the user is directed correctly, and does not get lost while using Trackier. The Home Page is created in a manner that helps the user to reach out to the Trackier team with any query in one go with tabs like “Free Trial” and “Request Demo”.

Then the home page explains the three features it offers, Clicking on it the user will get detailed information on how these features can help the user’s business grow.

  1. Performance Marketing Software
  2. Mobile Measyrement Partner
  3. iGaming Platform
  • Mobile Responsive Design

The most essential part of any website these days is it’s being mobile responsive as mobile usage is increasing as compared to other devices. And we made sure the website has all the features and information that a customer might be looking for.

  • Call To Action

Our Pages have various call-to-action buttons to make it easy for users to reach us. We have short text supporting the button which makes it clear for us to understand what is making our users click those Call to Action buttons.


  • Defining Purpose

Before writing the content of the website we made sure to articulate the purpose by understanding who our audience is and who will benefit or are willing to seek our services.

  • Competitor Analysis

A thorough competitor Analysis was done by our team to understand how we in the best, different and unique way present ourselves to our potential clients. We tried to understand the point of view of our competitors as well to be the best version of ourselves.

  • Focus on Hooking The Readers With First Few Lines

Content that is boring and not able to keep its users glued is of no use and we stuck to the fact that we have to keep our customer’s interest intact because we know we are providing them with great features that can lead to their business growth. It was a bit challenging to create and present the exhaustive platform content in layman’s terminologies. But we are glad we did it.

  • Plagiarism Free Content 

The content we have on the website is original and plagiarism free. Its SEO friendly kept all kinds of readers in mind as our platform serves globally, we took care to neither be too naive with the content nor be too complex with it.

  • Active Blog Section

A very useful and updated blog section is what we have maintained to make sure that viewers are offered useful and insightful information which does not necessarily talk about our product but also gives them the knowledge they can make use of in their work life.

  • SEO Friendly Coding

We made sure to optimize every page and improved the code of our website.

  • Footer & Header

Very skillfully designed header and footer, with minimalistic content, yet able to give the overview of what Trackier has to offer. Categorized our services into only 4 Tabs for the display of our features so the customer can gain maximum understanding about our product in minimum time.

And ONCE YOU WILL VISIT US, PREPARE YOURSELF TO GET A NEVER SEEN BEFORE EXPERIENCE AT AN ADTECH PLATFORM. Also, don’t forget to contact us to give your valuable feedback or to get your queries resolved, if you have any.

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