Google Analytics is an Analytics Software which DOES NOT track Conversion and Performance of Any Campaigns. It’s not a Performance Measurement platform but only an Analytics Software. There is much difference between measuring Analytics and Performance. Integrate Google Analytics with vNative affiliate marketing software to get the optimum output.

When using a Performance Marketing Software instead of Analytics Software you can measure.

  1. Manage Publisher PostBacks.
  2. You can Set and Manage Publisher Payout based on Country
  3. Track Pixels Conversion and avoid double conversion recording

Of course, you can Integrate GA with vNative and see Publisher Activity in Google Analytic

See Publisher Traffic and Activity in Google Analytics

STEP I : Visit Google URL Builder and Fill the Details

STEP II: Copy Generated URL and Go to Campaigns Create

Google URL builder automatically encodes the URL, which is the landing page/product URL.

Now We need to insert this URL Destination URL in Campaign->Create

STEPS III: Seeing the Result in Google Analytics. Go to Acquisition-> All Traffic and Click on Source/Medium

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