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OTT Marketing – A Comprehensive Guide to Successful OTT Ads

Written by Mridula Bhatt

As streaming services continue to dominate the entertainment industry, OTT platforms have become an integral part of consumers’ daily lives, offering a diverse range of content accessible on-demand. This paradigm shift in viewing habits has not only revolutionized entertainment but […]


CTV, OTT Trends And Their Application 

Written by Aishna Ohri

There was a CTV news break in 2021 that the streaming subscriptions in the US overtake the number of people. Can you imagine there are more subscriptions to video streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max and Disney+ […]

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OTT Advertising: Best Practices To Follow in OTT Advertising

Written by Bharath S.

It is critical for marketers to think that their OTT advertising efforts are reaching their audience and are creative and innovative at the same time.  Media savvy marketers can now take advantage of OTT’s ability to deliver one-on-one engagement and […]

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