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Trackier Turns 7: Pivotal Milestones That Define Our Journey Through 2023

And just like that, 2023 passed and we turned 7. It seemed like yesterday that Trackier was just a nascent idea I was discussing with my mates in my college dorm. At that time, developing an attribution tracking solution was just a spark exchanged between me and close mates in Delhi Technical University, while most of the students were ready to take up new responsibilities in life in different organisations.

Fast forward to today, and it’s incredible to see how that nascent idea has blossomed into a thriving reality. Traversing through naysayers, doubts, hurdles, and roadblocks, Trackier finally culminated into one of the very few bootstrapped profitable startups in India.

7 Pivotal Milestones That Wrote Our Journey Through 2023

This might seem like a customary blog post by a CEO when his company completes X number of years, but today my heart is in a reflective and sincere space. As I write this, I look back at what we achieved outside ticking the boxes. Let’s have a look at how 2023 treated Trackier. 

Trackier Becomes a Family of 70 

This might be a small number for many, but trust me my heart is filled with utmost and purest gratitude as I write this. We began with just three individuals, each shouldering equal responsibilities in a do-it-yourself fashion. Today, we’ve a team of 70 talented individuals sailing this boat to success with 7 functional heads taking the steering wheel. 

$1.2M+ Total New ARR Generated 

2023 has been very kind to us. Onboarding 177 new clients after 911 product demos, Trackier has managed to add in more than $1.2M in Annual Recurring Revenue in 2023 alone. But that’s not all. Our total deal size expanded by nearly 10% as compared to 2022 with sales cycle shortening to just 25 days from the previous 45 days. 

Scored 171 New Clients 

Trackier successfully added 171 new clients to its list of clientele that include the names of key industry players like RBL Bank, FundsIndia, Aditya Birla Capital, Kama Ayurveda, Jio Coupons, Neeman’s, Beardo, among many others. 

On Our Way to Conquer New Markets 

After becoming a household name in India in the performance marketing industry, Trackier has set sail on a global journey starting with the USA, Brazil, Africa, Jordan, Armenia, and Gibraltar. This expansion has been made possible through the collaboration with and utilization of local resources in each region, allowing Trackier to seamlessly integrate into diverse markets and further solidify its position as a leading player in the global affiliate marketing arena. 

20+ Events Attended 

Be it SBC Barcelona or Affiliate Summit West, Trackier left its incredible mark in events of every industry, in every region. This year, we also made an entry into a new region, West Africa with Sports Betting West Africa with the help of our local resource. This rendezvous marked a new chapter for Trackier with our first client onboarding from Kenya. 

2 New Offshore Entities

After India and the USA, Trackier successfully set up its offshore entities in Dubai, UAE and Singapore. This strategic expansion marks a significant milestone in our journey, allowing Trackier to leverage the thriving business environments in these key locations. It’s not only a strategic token but also underscores our commitment towards providing our cutting-edge solution to every part of the world, starting with APAC, Europe, Middle East, and the USA. 

And… We’re Now a Great Place To Work®! 

Not that we need validation, but it’s a proud affirmation of the positive and vibrant workplace culture we’ve cultivated at Trackier. Awarded by the Great Place To Work® Institute, this certification reflects our commitment towards not only becoming a successful startup but also a workplace that nurtures its team as its own flesh and blood. 

As I put the pen down, my words fell short and couldn’t do justice to the gratitude and pride I’m feeling right now. Yet, I persist in attempting to convey the profound appreciation for the incredible journey, the dedicated team, and the unwavering support that has brought us to this point.

This is just the beginning of our journey. There are still many bigger and grander milestones awaiting us in the future. 


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