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New Features Alert: iGaming Marketplace, Intuitive Graphical Reporting, and Much More

Developing a MarTech tool is one thing, but constantly innovating and adapting to keep pace with the evolving marketing landscape is the true key to success. At Trackier, we believe in constant innovation to ensure that our customers are always getting the best. 

We’re excited to unveil the new features we’ve added to our Performance Marketing Software, Mobile Marketing Platform, and iGaming Platform. Dive in and discover how Trackier can help you dominate your marketing goals!

Mobile Marketing

Ditch Spreadsheets! Embrace Customizable Dashboards with Visual Insights.

Analyzing bulk data on spreadsheets in no less than an extreme sport. To help our valued customers save time on data visualization, our new and improved Mobile Marketing Platform offers customizable graphical representation of reports in the form of pie charts, multi-axes graphs, line graphs, and more to help you see your campaign data as insights. 

To access this feature, simply login to your MMP and click on Dashboard. Scroll down to explore different graphs and pie charts to see your campaign data in intuitive format. 

graphical reports and charts on trackier mobile marketing platform

Track Performance Of Every Unilink In Your Mobile Marketing Campaign

There’s no one parameter to track your campaign’s performance. Media, Agency, Partner, and Geo – a campaign manager needs to break down their marketing data at granular levels to see the complete picture. Hence, our product engineering team has added filters ‘Unilink template’ and ‘Unilink name’ to further segregate mobile campaign reports at Unilink level. 

To segregate your report on the basis of Unilink used in a campaign, go to logs from the left navigation pane, and click on the report type you want to see. Click on the filter icon on top right and select unilink type from the option at the bottom. 

unilink filter on trackier mmp dashboard

Performance Marketing

Scaling Revenues

After scaling payouts, Trackier has now introduced the option for ‘scaling revenues’ in its performance marketing software. This innovative feature empowers businesses to unlock exponential growth by optimizing campaign budgets and maximizing profitability. Scaling revenues features is particularly beneficial for affiliate networks or agencies working with advertisers on tiered commission model. 

Share the Love on G2!

Loved Trackier’s Performance Marketing Software, spread the word among businesses like yours. We’ve made it easier for you. Simply review us on G2 through the performance dashboard itself. Simply click on ‘Review Us’ from the bottom left panel and that’s it. Let’s help businesses like yours discover the power of Trackier together! 

iGaming Platform

iGaming Marketplace – Helping Affiliates Find Revenue Streams With Advertisers 

We believe time is precious, be it for advertisers or for affiliates. That’s why we curated an iGaming marketplace right on your iGaming platform. This marketplace helps affiliates connect with advertisers for relevant iGaming affiliate marketing campaigns, and expand their revenue streams. This also helps advertisers find affiliates who have relevant experience in their industry. Sign up today and unlock a world of affiliate marketing opportunities!

trackier introduces marketplace for affiliates and advertisers on its igaming platform

Get Install Reports on iGaming Platform

Now iGaming brands and operators can integrate their mobile marketing platform with Trackier’s iGaming platform to track your app installs on a single dashboard. Simply head over to Engagements from the navigation bar on the left and click on ‘Install Report’ to see what campaigns are drawing app installs. 

Install report on Trackier MMP


For us, Trackier is not just a subscription-based platform, it’s the catalyst to your growth. We’re constantly adding new functionality and features to help you beat the competition and improve your bottom line. 

Are you a brand, advertiser or an affiliate network looking to increase your revenue through partner marketing, dive in and explore what our affiliate tracking tool has to offer.

Already a customer? Don’t forget to share your experience with us on G2 – your feedback will help businesses like yours find you. 

Also follow us on our WhatsApp channel Trackier Tribe to get latest updates on affiliate marketing delivered right to your smartphone. 

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