In this post, we will setup a system to Optimize and redirect traffic based on their

  • Locations – Country Based, City Based etc
  • Device – Android, iOS, iPad
  • Operating System – Linux, Windows, Mac
  • Segment – Any Category you want or can define

First, we need to decide how we will be redirecting traffic, for instance, we will be optimizing and redirecting based on the visitor’s location.  I will be choosing three countries here, for example, UK, US, IN.

STEP I: Creating Campaigns

Login to you vNative account and from dashboard click on Create Campaign. If you don’t have a vNative account sign up for a FREE account from here. On the campaign create page enter the details

  • The objective to be Clicks, Campaign Title can be anything
  • The URL is where you want to redirect the user to based on Location for Us we will redirect to for India
  • Description, it can be anything and Category are your segments
  • Set Visibility to be Public and upload a demo Image.
  • You can set Revenue as the amount you are getting from the advertiser for that traffic and Payout as the amount spends on that traffic. or you can set as 1 and 1.

No Click on Create and repeat the steps again two times for the US and UK

Create a Campaign

You will see three Campaigns created in Campaigns manage section.

STEP II: Generating Smart Link

Now we have setup Campaign Correctly and we need to get a Tracking link where we can redirect the visitors.

For this, we have to first create a publisher profile of the source of traffic. For example, I am assuming that I am getting traffic from a so I will create an account with name and email at to continue.

Adding Publisher
vNative Dashboard

Now click on Login as a button on Top right to login to profile and then open smart tools link.

smart tools | vNative
Generating Smartlink

Now copy the smart link and redirect the traffic through that.

STEP III: Reports and Measuring ROI

After making the traffic live, go to Custom Reports from left menu in your vNative Admin Dashboard and Select Group By Country.

goals tracking reports  Custom Report

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