This week we’re reaching back a few weeks to discuss a feature we never had a chance to highlight. While working with some of our clients, we felt that we need to do some update in our vNative. That’s why we are proud to bring you this Product Update.

Recently we introduced the following update in our platform:

  • Click_id in Callback logs,
  • Introducing New Macros as {random},
  • Allow conversion_id in callback  URLs.

Click_id in Callback Logs

Many of our clients need to sort the callback logs on the basis of  click_id. So we bring this feature in the platform to simplify the records sorting for the users.

To see the changes you can Go to Server Logs then click on Callbacks.

Know more about  Postback URL Logs

Adding {random} as extra Macro

Offer URLs, affiliate tracking links, and other URLs in vNative carry valuable information between you, your advertisers, and your publishers. Here, we introduce new parameter {random}, you can pass 7-15 Digit number randomly selected in this random macro. 

Allow conversion_id in callback URLs

The forceful demand of vNative clients, we introduce this feature in the new product update because sometimes it’s hard to distinguish conversions on the basis of click_id due to multiple conversion on the same click_id. Conversion_id would be unique for each conversion.

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