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Home » Blog » iGaming » AR and VR in iGaming: A Revolution in the Gambling Industry

AR and VR in iGaming: A Revolution in the Gambling Industry

Written by Bharath

Over the recent years, the online gambling industry has grown in popularity as more players become interested in online casinos and sportsbooks. The deadly COVID-19 pandemic forced multiple temporary closures of offline casinos in 2020, which substantially increased people’s interest in iGaming websites.

As a result, in 2021, the online gambling industry saw an increase in market capital of about $72.02 billion from $64.13 billion the previous year.

With this new increase in demand, operators across the gambling industry are adopting necessary measures in order to cater to the needs and expectations of online casino players by devising creative and remarkable ways to enhance the player experience. 

AR and VR casinos are a prominently rising trend that iGaming providers should take into consideration. One of the most exciting uses of virtual and augmented reality is to create immersive gaming experiences that transport you to new worlds and allow you to interact with the characters and objects you see in the games. 

VR and AR Casinos in iGaming

What Are AR and VR Casinos?

AR and VR are both comparable with respect to how they change our perception of viewing and interacting with our surroundings. They typically vary in hardware requirements and their scope of usage in altering our surroundings.

Augmented Reality enhances the user’s current environment by overlaying a layer of virtual objects and sensory experiences over the actual world.

In reality, this implies that AR may enhance commonplace spaces like your living room or backyard by adding objects, characters, sounds, or a user interface. You may picture a dragon lounging on your couch or a Pokémon appearing from bushes on the street thanks to augmented reality.

Apart from a smartphone to run an application, most AR scenarios don’t call for any form of dedicated technology. However, more advanced applications of AR call for dedicated eyewear.

Because there is no need to build rendered backgrounds in AR software, the user’s environment serves as the background, making it easier to construct than VR software. 

In comparison, Virtual Reality (VR) technology creates a virtually identical world. It seeks to fully submerge the user in a virtual environment. The outcome is a singular experience in which you become completely cut off from your actual surroundings. The number of individuals who can use VR is constrained by the need for specialized headsets and speakers.

How AR and VR Are Revolutionizing the Online Gambling Industry

AR and VR technologies are leading the charge to transform how we play online casino games. The ability to give a virtual experience will cause casinos that use AR and VR technologies to rise to the top-rated sites by adding more engagement and realism. It is impossible to predict exactly how these two new technologies will be applied in iGaming online casino settings because they are still in their early stages.

Implementing these technologies achieves a single objective. That is done in order to significantly improve the user’s experience by establishing a virtual environment that mimics what you would experience at a physical casino. Players will be able to engage with other players and experience what it would be like to walk the halls of a physical casino. The world of online gaming will forever change as a result of these new technologies.


Online Casinos and iGaming Platforms are already experimenting with these technologies to create immersive experiences that can keep many visitors entertained and often earn them more money than traditional slot machines and video poker. The technology is still in its infancy, but there have already been several small-scale tests and some large-scale rollouts across the world.

But as this technology develops, what will be more interesting to witness is how operators can attribute such a complex technology to their iGaming platforms. Check out Trackier’s way of measuring iGaming platforms to boost your ROI. 

Trackier’s iGaming Casino Platform gives you access to the most comprehensive multi-channel tracking and analytics built for the iGaming, casino, and betting industries. With us, you can gain insight into every metric of your operations so you can build profitable campaigns. To know more request a demo and get a free trial today!

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