What are Data Clean Rooms and why do you need them?

Written by Bharath

Data Clean Rooms is one of the most talked-about topics in the marketing, analytics, and advertising industries. As Google has given up support for third-party cookies from Chrome and joined Apple(Safari) and Mozilla(Firefox) in their odyssey of a cookieless world, […]


How Does Universal Link And App Link Help You Boost ROI?

Written by Nikhil

Universal Link and App Link are the talk of the industry, with both app users and developers facing a complex and ongoing struggle. We at Trackier, as an ad tech company with our own Mobile Marketing Platform, wanted to provide […]

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How is click injection affecting your app and why you should be worried about it?

Written by Barkha Gaur

With the growth of the mobile app ecosystem, the frauds committed to boosting install numbers are becoming more sophisticated by the day. Mobile app marketers need to be aware of one such growing methodology, the click injection, to protect their […]

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Should apps be using Incentivized Advertising as a Mobile Marketing Strategy?

Written by Barkha Gaur

A quick look into gaming apps will show you SDK from networks offering incentivized ads as a monetization method. Incentivized ads or as they are more commonly known, rewarded ads use a value exchange disposition where the end-user gets something […]

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