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Trackiers Onboards Glance Digital Experience As An Integration Partner

What’s a mobile attribution platform without integration? It’s like trying to navigate a complex maze without a map – disjointed, confusing, and ultimately lacking the clarity needed to understand the full picture of user engagement and marketing. A cellphone without a network to connect. An electric switch without wiring in place. 

We at Trackier understand the significance of integration in the SaaS ecosystem, therefore, we boast of over 100 integration partners, mobile and performance combined. Latest addition to our list of integration partners is Glance, an AI-powered mobile app that delivers personalized content to the lock screens of smartphones. 

App marketers who have been on the turf for quite some time know the potential of Glance as a publisher. Owing to its unique format, it offers a scroll-stopping yet unobtrusive format of ads that feel organic to the users. Therefore, many apps and brands are turning to Glance to market their products/apps to audiences to improve brand visibility. 

This latest integration will help advertisers running Glance Ads campaign to exchange attribution data between the lockscreen app and Trackier’s MMP dashboard. 

Trackier MMP dashboard screenshot on how to integrate Glance with Trackier.

Integrating Glance Digital Experience with Trackier MMP can be done by following these simple steps: 

  • Login to your MMP dashboard. 
  • Please note that you select the ‘New Panel’ from the top right corner. 
  • On the left control pane, scroll down and select ‘Integration’. 
  • In the dropdown list below ‘Partners’, select ‘Glance Digital Experience’. 
  • Setup data points like attribution window, attribution links, anti-fraud settings, etc. to control the information you’re exchanging with the publisher. 
  • From the bottom left section of the left pane, you can also view the parameters being shared Glance. 

Seems like a lot of work? No problem. Alternatively, you can contact your dedicated CSM to walk you through the process.

Still not a Trackier user? No worries! Sign up today and avail the benefits of having over 100+ integrations with your mobile measurement platform. Even if the platform is not in the integration list, you just wish and we make it happen. (No exaggeration here!) 

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