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Trackier Now Google Certified Click Tracker: What It Means for Publishers & Advertisers

Another day, another great news coming in for team Trackier and its valued patrons. Trackier is now certified by Google as a Click Tracker. The leading attribution tracking solution provider has now joined the list among other names including Dentsu, Kochava, Lunio, etc. The advertisers who make it to the list have to go through a stringent process to meet the security and performance requirements for tracking clicks on Google Ads campaigns. 

Google Click Tracker Service Policy Update 2023

Here’s a brief rundown of the recent developments at Google Ads. The search engine giant updated its click tracker services policy in August 2023 to enhance the security of click tracking services, in the light of malicious SEM ads. 

According to the revised policy, advertisers using the tracking links in their ad campaigns are now required to use only the certified click trackers mentioned in the list. Additionally, they are also mandated to mention the advertiser’s domain as a parameter. 

This update adds an extra layer of security to safeguard consumers and brands against affiliates who have used deceptive click trackers in the past to inflate their performance metrics. 

What Does This Mean For Publishers & Advertisers

Google evaluates the click tracking services on multiple factors including accuracy, data security, reliability, and their compliance with Google’s click tracking policy. Trackier’s recent certification reflects the company’s commitment to data security and accuracy, and also reflects our dedication to maintain the trust our customers have bestowed upon us. 

Trackier being Google-certified click tracker also cements our position as one of the most reliable and trusted attribution tracking solutions in the performance marketing industry. Having said that, we are further excited to extend our support to our existing customers as well as prospects to help them simplify the process to measure the performance of their Google Ads. With Trackier, users can confidently leverage precise data to evaluate the effectiveness of their Google Ads campaigns.

Also, using Trackier, advertisers and publishers can also dodge the compliance issue bullet since our platform has been meticulously screened and approved by the experts at Google. 

In Other News

Trackier has also joined hands with Quora, a social question-and-answer website that also has its own proprietary advertising platform, Quora Ads. Our attribution tracking solution is now an official partner with Quora, helping businesses measure their mobile marketing performance on the platform.

This partnership will help app marketers make the best use of their ad budget on Quora Ads, measure their performance on a unified dashboard, get real-time reports and all this while ensuring data security and accuracy. 

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