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Trackier at iGB Affiliate London 2023

Trackier visited London “The city of dreams” to be a part of iGB Affiliate 2023. iGaming industry is certainly booming and Trackier was there to provide the bulls-eye solutions in the iGaming space. The event had a focussed approach which defined its success.

Trackier at iGB Affiliate London 2023


Europe’s iGaming market is expected to generate revenue of €41.7bn in 2023. 

Trackier being a part of iGB Affiliate London, the realisation of growth opportunities was phenomenal. This event has turned out to be very successful with tremendous knowledge-sharing sessions.

Trackier’s Experience at IGB Affiliate London

Trackier got a holistic experience of the iGaming industry at the event. Interaction with bright minds in iGaming space gave Trackier an understanding of the market needs, scope, and trends in 2023. 

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The event has been insightful and Trackier made sure to carry out networking sessions with every possible brand, affiliate, and business. Trackier is on a mission to provide comprehensive attribution solutions in iGaming space. The agenda of the event was appreciative.

Day 1 was focussed on topics like Google SEO – state of iGaming, Backlink risks in 2023, discussions on the SEO strategy in the times of Google, and a brilliant talk on common mistakes made by affiliate managers and strategies to avoid them was held. Another interesting talk took place about emerging markets in Asian regions primarily.

Day 2 held the talk about influencer marketing and concerns over changing rules of engagement for igaming brands and casino streamers in UK and USA Markets, its impact and restrictions, discussions about how TikTok can benefit influencers, and sharing of notes to success in SEO Domain took place. Startup stories and trending topics like ChatGPT were a part of major discussions.

The possibilities in Adtech and iGaming space were enormous at the event and it turned out to be very successful for Trackier

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