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Trackier at IAS22 – Indian Affiliate Summit

Indian Affiliate Summit 2022 was an exceptionally engaging, interactive and spectacular event. Trackier being a Smart Performance marketing Tool made sure to interact with maximum attendees and enlighten them with the knowledge on how Trackier can help their business grow. Trackier presence at The Indian Affiliate Summit was Vital as the scope of reach to the right audience became easy, interesting and progressive. 

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Trackier at Indian Affiliate Marketing Summit

Trackier Imparting Knowledge at AWS22

Trackier benefitted from the IAS22 event as it allowed them to impart businesses with the knowledge on how Trackier as a Tool can be tremendously impactful and insightful leading in achieving greater ROI’s.

Trackier Has the following highly beneficial features.

  1. Performance Marketing Tool that allows the user with following
  • Affiliates Payments, commissions Automations made Easy
  • Fetch Customisable Data and Reporting
  • Fraud Shield
  • Trust With Your Partners 

      2. Mobile Marketing Tool allows user with following

  • Reach your audience wherever they are, Capture their journey and beat iOS challenges
  • Get insights into interests of your audiences
  • Maximize Profits – Generates custom reports to calculate ROI’s & ROA’s, tracks the performance of each partner
  • Unlock the potential of your Data – Inspect efficiency of your sales funnel 
  • Best Practices to protect your data

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