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JioCoupons Onboards Trackier as Technology Partner for Campaign Tracking & Analysis

In a strategic move set to redefine the dynamics of coupon marketing, JioCoupons and Trackier have announced a collaboration aimed at revolutionizing campaign tracking and analysis. This partnership is poised to enhance the precision of targeting and cost optimization, ultimately translating into superior performance for JioCoupons’ clients who run coupon marketing campaigns through the platform.

The collaboration’s focal point is the integration of Trackier’s advanced tracking technology into JioCoupons’ platform. This integration promises to deliver a more granular understanding of user behaviour, allowing for precise and personalized targeting. “The collaboration with Trackier is a strategic move towards optimizing our marketing processes. By harnessing advanced tracking and analytics, we aim to empower businesses to make informed decisions, ensuring every marketing rupee spent delivers maximum impact.”

— Vijay Tiwari, Business Head of JioCoupons

The collaboration’s primary objective is to empower businesses to optimize their marketing budgets with surgical precision. Trackier’s sophisticated analytics tools will work in tandem with JioCoupons’ extensive user data to identify high-performing channels and demographics. The enhanced tracking and analysis capabilities will provide unparalleled insights, enabling businesses to refine their strategies and achieve unparalleled success in coupon distribution. 

Clients utilizing JioCoupons as a distribution platform for their coupons stand to gain significantly from this collaboration. The enhanced tracking and analysis capabilities will provide JioCoupons’ clients with detailed insights into the performance of their campaigns. This transparency will enable them to refine and tailor their strategies, ensuring that their coupons reach the right audience at the right time, maximizing engagement and conversions.

Looking Ahead:

The fusion of coupon distribution expertise with state-of-the-art campaign tracking is expected to set new benchmarks for efficiency and effectiveness in the industry. The success of this partnership could potentially redefine how businesses approach digital marketing, with a focus on precision, optimization, and ultimately, superior performance. “Teaming up with JioCoupons allows us to combine our analytics prowess with a vast user base, creating a powerful synergy that will reshape how businesses approach campaign management in the digital era.”— Udit Verma, Co-founder of Trackier. The future holds exciting possibilities as these industry leaders pave the way for a more data-driven and results-oriented era in digital advertising.

JioCoupons is available as Offerstore on It is also available on MyJio App. 

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