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Marking the New Beginnings at Afiliados Brasil 2023

After an interlude 3-month long, Trackier is back at affiliate events and how. With 3 events lined up in a week, we got back into action this month, beginning our run with Afiliados Brasil 2023. The largest affiliate event in Latin America started with renewed energy and action, with our teams rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of the industry including eminent sports personality Johnny Walker and marketing specialist Paulo Faustino.

Faizan Ayubi and Mukul Kaushik with Johnny Walker.

From May 25 to 27, Team Trackier had the privilege of sharing thoughts and experiences with industry experts while also interacting with our customers who never fail to inspire us to further make affiliate marketing easier for them.  

Team Trackier with Paul Faustino

Three days flew by with a whirlwind of excitement for the new beginnings, which remind us of the newest development at Trackier. Didn’t we tell you about it yet?

New Beginnings in LATAM

The biggest highlight of Afiliados Brasil 2023 – The beginning of a new chapter in Trackier’s journey of growth. Wrapping up the event, we are excited to announce that we’re expanding our operations in LATAM, opening up new ways for us to serve the ad networks, brands, and agencies of the region better. 

Trackier's new endeavours in LATAM

We’re all set to collaborate and innovate with the vibrant LATAM market, helping them tap into technology to drive affiliate business growth. 

Stay tuned as we explore new possibilities and share our successes in the ever-growing market of LATAM. 


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