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Team Trackier at Israel Mobile Summit 2022

2 years of virtual events felt like forever and we were so glad to be finally back in Israel for the in-person meetup of everyone from the mobile, games, and adtech space. The Israel Mobile Summit this year featured the who’s who of app marketers, publishers, developers, startups, and VCs.

The speaking sessions were insightful as always and ranged from mobile app industry experts giving their opinions about the privacy revolution that iOS 16 will start and what it will mean for attribution to discussions on how to grow your apps, how to monetize apps using advertising and in-app purchases and how to get more users, keep them and analyze your data.

Team Trackier at Israel Mobile Summit

Who should attend IMS?

If you come under the umbrella of the mobile app ecosystem, Israel Mobile Summit will have something in store for you. Anyone from App Developers, Game Publishers, Entrepreneurs, Ad Networks, Agencies and Exchanges, Attribution Platforms, Providers, and VCs should be attending IMS.

There is interesting content for all and peers to network with, at the summit. IMS also offers 1×1 meetings which you can pre-schedule with other Summit attendees.

IMS 2022

Our CMO on ‘Creative solutions to an “off the tracks” world’

This year, we had the incredible opportunity to provide an insight into the changing world of attribution in a more privacy-conscious world. Trackier’s CMO & CO-founder, Udit Verma took to the stage with Tomer Weisman, Head of User Acquisition, Huuuge, Yael Altshul, Product Manager, AppsFlyer, Isabel Ferreira, Business Development Director EMEA, Repla, and Yotam Galon, Director of Growth, Bigabid to talk about the future of tracking and attribution.

We discussed the challenges advertisers and distributors are going to face in this new era of privacy, the solutions that we are planning for our advertising partners, the impact of SKAN 4.0 on app marketing, and more.

If you are someone who has been struggling to plan for the future of their app marketing, you should get in touch with our CMO & Co-founder, Udit Verma or you can also

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