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Team Trackier at iGB live 2022, Amsterdam

Written by Barkha Gaur

The theme for this year at iGB Live was Connect, Converse, and Convert and they delivered right on the money! This year iGB saw over 4,500 iGaming and Affiliates and had amazing sessions that helped iGaming business owners understand how they can develop successful strategies for entering new markets, reducing ad-spend, and standing above and beyond the competition.

Meeting the right people and interacting with them is one thing but actually getting conversions is a whole different ball game. iGB gives the perfect platform to nurture relationships where you can introduce yourself in niches such as Esports, crypto, and NFTs while finding legitimate affiliates with high-converting player traffic.

Trackier at iGB live

iGB for iGaming

iGaming businesses will find a treasure trove of connections at iGB. We were able to meet with individuals that have been helping iGaming businesses in developing the most advanced games while giving them the smoothest UX.

Come and meet people that will help you reduce your acquisition spend and increase your retention strategies for new and returning players.

There are talks and panels at the conference that will help iGaming businesses convert expert-led insights into actionable business growth in existing and new markets.

iGB for affiliates

The 4 days saw affiliates connect with over 50 iGaming Affiliate Programmes offering CPA and revenue-share deals. iGB gives a unique opportunity to affiliates to connect face-to-face with affiliate managers and learn what they really want. Affiliate managers also get to learn the needs of the affiliates helping build better relationships.

Trackier at iGB live

Trackier at iGB live

Trackier presented at iGB live in Amsterdam this year. We loved the networking opportunities and have been able to build and nurture relationships after returning. We loved the panels and talks given by iGaming industry leaders. It was eye-opening to listen to them talk about the future of the industry and how it is changing. It definitely made us look at our iGaming platform and how we plan to develop it.

Learn where Trackier is heading next with our blog on the top Affiliate Marketing Conferences & Events.

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