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ICE & iGB London 2022 Preview

The United Kingdom is lighting up for the iGaming industry as 2 of the biggest industry events ICE London (April 12th-14th) and iGB Affiliate London (April 13th-14th) are all set to gather the biggest names in the industry under the same roof.

If you are looking to build your own network in the iGaming world or want to partake in the sharing of brilliant ideas and strategies, there is no better place to be. Trackier is looking forward to be exhibiting at both the conferences and reconnecting with everyone at the world’s biggest iGaming events.

New to the iGaming world or just want to know what to expect from these conferences? Being a veteran at attending these events, we have a pretty good idea of where all the opportunities lie and how you should manage your time when attending these events. Let’s take a walk-through.

ICE and iGB

Marketing On The Go

Conferences like iGB London and ICE London provide a unique opportunity for affiliates, companies, and service providers alike to market themselves in front of the people that matter the most. Having effective on-the-ground marketing strategies will place you in the minds of the people you meet and greet for days to come. Our team at Trackier has felt the ripples of the long-lasting effect a face-to-face meeting can have with a prospect. Prepare all your SWAG in advance and bring on your game face to the conference!

Affiliates Assemble

This year’s iGB Affiliate London is all about arming iGaming affiliates with the right tools for the trade so if you are an affiliate thirsting to up your affiliate game, this event is for you. One of the major themes this year would be SEO and how affiliates can better optimize their content with its help. Here you can see the iGB agenda for the conference which lists a number of panels on SEO. There are other insightful talks on networking and branding that you should definitely attend.

You will also have the unique opportunity to compare notes with fellow affiliates and foster stronger relationships all the while sharing trade tips. Gather as much feedback on what’s working as you can from affiliates, clients, and partners to strengthen your game.

Discover Markets

So you are producing top-notch content but unknowingly delivering it to a market in decline. What good is that for your business? Through iGB London and ICE London, you will discover markets that are showing the most potential. Attend the panels to understand why Latin and North America are being considered to be the most profitable markets for iGaming affiliates.

Listen to experts and gain insights on how to identify and cater to the right audience. Here are links to the schedules of both the conferences:

Adapting To New Content Platforms

The nature of social media is extremely volatile and changes at the drop of the hat. Affiliates are responsible for quickly adapting and evolving to new forms of content platforms all the time. There is much to say about new platforms being used to promote iGaming. Join the conferences to learn how iGaming affiliates are utilizing platforms like TikTok and live-streaming services like Twitch to push out content.

Another focal point will be the big changes in content regulations worldwide that are leading affiliates and operators alike to enter new areas as they try and connect with new users. With that in mind, a large topic will be how to create content for different markets in varying stages of maturity.

Come Say Hi!

Trackier is thrilled to be attending iGB London and ICE London as they return to center stage in April. Since the last in-person conference, the world of iGaming has seen a lot of changes, so we are even more excited to meet people and collaborate on such a grand scale.

We look forward to connecting with all of you there! If you’d like to schedule a meeting with our team, don’t hesitate, just click on the link to connect with our VP of sales Mukul and our CMO & Co-founder Udit

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