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2022 Through The Trackier Lens

Trackier is a team of energetic people that follow a forward-thinking approach in any role they play in the organisation, innovation & development are always on the mind. 

Talking about 2022, it’s been a year of growth, focused on problem-solving for our customers from around the world!

Ever since Trackier was formed it follows a healthy culture of not just getting the work done but result-oriented delivery of the business needs effectively. This has led to the creation of a very useful resource ” Knowledge Base ” guiding and aiming at smooth understanding and use of Trackier technology by the customers.  

Trackier technology helps you disconnect from pointless technology and reconnect with powerful business insights. It gives its users food for thought and higher revenues. View our case studies to feel the impact Trackier has created. 

Trackier Product Updates 2022

MMP (Mobile Measurement Partner), iGaming, and Performance Marketing Software, are the foundation of Trackier technology and are polished every second as per the growing needs of its users. Sneak peek into technology updates 2022.

  • Version 1 Launched – Trackier for iGaming
  • FTP Uploads
  • Whatsapp Integration
  • MMP (Mobile Marketing Platform) – Cohort report introduced 
  • Skad network tracking solution provided
  • Seamless customer journey tracking implementation

The ultimate technology of Trackier gives its customer a unique privilege i.e. the privilege of customization. Customer-specific Customization at the deeper level. This helps the Trackier users gain greater insights and improved decision making leading to a boost in ROIs. Moreover, Trackier provides its customers with 150+ API integrations, and the tech team is always keen to provide its users with innovations, features, and progressive tech.

Strong technology backed by a stronger business development team becoming productive year by year. As every second counts, the focus is simple i.e. make every interaction by Trackier’s Business Developer with the client more effective and growth driven. Expansion to global markets is prime, with setting up regional offices across countries. Helping businesses grow is Trackier’s forte and aim.

Every customer that believes in Trackier becomes a part of the Trackier family and the dynamic customer success team makes sure to assist the business needs of every customer. This year the team is inclined towards the revenue-focused approach. The aim is also to make the present customers make their mark in international markets and formulate a refined TAT for customer query resolution.

2022 Through The Trackier Lens

CSR at Trackier

2022, was successful and eventful, more than 25 events were attended by Trackier around the globe. And along with building businesses Trackier has always been committed to fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibility. CSR activities took place in collaboration with NGOs supporting causes like “ Women Empowerment” and “Children Welfare”.

CSR Activity

Trackier Offsite in Thailand

Alongside how can Trackier miss having fun? An amazing trip was organised to refresh the senses of the entire Trackier crew. A Trip to the beautiful country, Thailand ending the year on an ecstatic note. 

Trackier Team

Trackier’s major focus in 2023 will continue to be on customer growth and satisfaction by providing them with tailor-made services suiting their business needs. The goal is to understand client success metrics and guide them to achieve their targets. Introduction of innovative features within the platform so that clients can optimize their Ad spending effectively. Helping customers enter global markets and launch new CX strategies to help clients achieve their goals.

Entering 2023, let’s look forward to new experiences and substantial growth!


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