Conversion Matters Over Clicks Reevaluate your Coupon Code Partners

Written by udit verma

Coupon Affiliate Marketing

One of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing is coupon affiliate marketing, which helps drive more customers and sales to your brand. Coupons are believed to be an efficient measure for introducing new customers to your brand while increasing sales. After all, who does not like discounts! If you are already into coupon affiliate marketing or are planning to expand your business online with it, there are certain things you must take into account to ensure profitable quality conversions rather than just ‘clicks’. But before that, it is essential to understand how coupon affiliate marketing functions

Like an affiliate marketing program, it can be a one-on-one arrangement where you partner with a website to reach more audience, here you partner with coupon websites like Groupon India, CouponDunia, CashKaro to promote your brands’ latest deals to their customers. However, there’s more to it! You can also get into partnership with affiliate networks that further distribute your promo codes to big couponing websites, attracting consumer base from multiple platforms. Examples of these coupon affiliate networks are vCommission, Affoy, BeDigitech, etc. These networks will send your promo codes to all the websites, not letting you worrying about managing individual affiliate relationships. 

These coupon websites highlight the good deals on their homepage and social media and promote them to their customers via e-mail marketing. Many websites show the duration until which the coupon will work and if it is verified or not, further enhancing the deal’s credibility and winning consumer’s trust. 

But many websites are into fraudulent activities as well, merely focusing on getting cheap clicks rather than sales conversion. This might harm your brand since such websites may drive traffic to your platform but would not ensure your sales conversion. More clicks and no revenue means that audience is coming to your brand and is not shopping, which is definitely not a good sign. Below are some warning points that you must keep in mind to stay away from the spam websites: 

  • There are lots of fake coupons on the website – Several websites make fake promo codes to lure the customers and get more traffic but what they fail to realize is that this only leads to poor customer experience. Look out if the deals mentioned on their homepage have fake deals, or they actually work. Websites with verified codes and a vast audience will surely give you successful conversions.
  • Websites that do not indulge in coupon vetting process – Unupdated websites with expired promo codes will always turn the consumers down, further affecting your brand’s sales. Check if the coupon websites regularly update their deals or not. Expired deals will only mean that a person is coming over to your website to avail the discount only to realize later that the promo code does not work, you do not make the sales, but still, you owe click’s commission to the affiliate partner. Now that’s not done! 
  • They give vague information about commissions: If the website does not define what it counts as earning a commission, leave that collaboration right there! 
  • They do not reveal the accurate contact of information – A hidden contact of information is always suspicious. If their website does not have an accurate contact of information, do not partner with them.
  • Weak online presence: If the site does not show up in the Google search on 1st or 2nd page, then you should definitely not go with them because it would not benefit your account in any way. 
  • The site has no reviews – You can check the credibility of the coupon websites by checking their reviews. If the site has an authentic consumer base, then it must have reviews. 

Manage and Track Each and Every Coupon with Trackier: 

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The coupon industry is a big business if you collaborate with the excellent couponing affiliate sites. They have apps and plugins to help customers locate coupons when they shop online and even offer their loyal customers cashback on using a good deal. Now, all you have to do is find these great couponing websites and plan out a strategy around the discounts and promo codes to entice your new customers. Have a happy coupon affiliate marketing! 

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