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Revolutionizing Performance Marketing: ClickOnik’s Success with Trackier

Revolutionizing Performance Marketing: ClickOnik’s Success with Trackier

ClickOnik, a leading performance marketing agency, embarked on a transformative journey to revolutionize its affiliate program, driving unprecedented growth through strategic collaboration with Trackier.

As a marketing agency, ClickOnik recognized the imperative need for a sophisticated tracking solution to not only elevate their digital presence but also maximize returns on ad spend (ROAS), particularly as they expanded their performance campaigns in India.

Before onboarding ClickOnik, the team was facing the challenge of efficiently managing its affiliate program to stay ahead in the rapidly changing industry. Lacking direct control over affiliates and comprehensive insights into campaign performance, ClickOnik risked missing out on potential users and valuable data for informed campaign optimization.

How Trackier Helped ClickOnik?

In 2019, ClickOnik turned to Trackier to address these challenges head-on and scale its affiliate program seamlessly. With the unwavering support of Trackier’s dedicated customer success team, ClickOnik smoothly transitioned to the new platform, onboarding partners within a few months without experiencing any revenue loss.

Trackier’s comprehensive suite which is performance marketing software empowers ClickOnik to not only expand its direct partners program but also gain granular insights through detailed reporting. This enhanced understanding of expenditure and partner performance enabled ClickOnik to identify trends, strategically invest in high-performing partners, and significantly contribute to the sustained growth of their business.


The adoption of Trackier’s automation features marked a pivotal moment for ClickOnik. The witnessed a whooping 35% YoY Profit Growth. Read to find out how trackier helped in ClickOnik Business growth.

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