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How Gonoise Achieved 30% Increase in Gross Conversions in Q1-Q2 2023

How Gonoise Achieved 30% Increase in Gross Conversions in Q1-Q2 2023

Gonoise, a leading wearable and hearable brand in India, embarked on its affiliate marketing journey in 2021 intending to increase the affiliate share to its revenue from 0% to 10%. To start their affiliate marketing campaigns and track conversions, they were looking for an Attribution Tracking Solution that offers accurate and real-time insights into their campaign performance. Also, the electronic giant preferred a SaaS with in-depth analytics to help them optimize their affiliate campaigns as per the dynamic user behavior and region-wise performance.

In 2021, they approached Trackier with their affiliate tracking tools required. What started with a free demo, went on to become a lasting partnership that helped Gonoise propel its affiliate revenue to unparalleled levels.

Download this case study to read how Trackier made managing and optimizing affiliate campaigns a breeze for Gonoise. Using our Attribution Tracking Solution, they achieved:

  • 30% Increase in Gross Conversions
  • 13% Increase in Gross Profit
  • 16% Increase in Gross Revenue

Straight from Gonoise

“Trackier has been a game-changer for our affiliate marketing efforts at Gonoise. Since implementing their platform, we have witnessed a remarkable surge in our affiliate revenue, gross conversion, and gross profit. Their advanced tracking and attribution capabilities have provided us with invaluable insights into the performance of our affiliate campaigns, allowing us to optimize our strategies and drive exceptional results.”

Pulkit Mathur, Manager – Strategic Partnerships at Gonoise


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