How To Make A Successful Backlink Strategy That Works?

Written by Mukul Kaushik

When it comes to Digital Marketing, Backlinks holds an important place in defining the authority of a website. And trust me it matters a lot from SEO(Search Engine Optimization) perspective. 

By building a relationship with bigger influencers, you open the door to even more marketing opportunities including additional articles and guest blogs, perhaps collaboration on same projects, and networking can help you make a strong Backlink.

However, most of the bloggers who have just started blogging or small business owners don’t use backlink strategy to enhance their outreach. This occurs due to their lack of knowledge. That’s why they either do nothing like Backlinking or totally rely on Google Adwords for Customers Acquisition which sucks them later.

So by explaining the Backlinking concept briefly, I will tell you the importance of Best Backlink Building Strategy.

First, let’s start with the Backlinks definition which says that

The Backlinks are those quality links which are created when an External Site links to your site.


Understood? Yup? That was just a definition and Link Building is a critical topic and I will explain the Best Backlinking concepts- what to use and why to use! 

So Let’s now move towards the most important 5 BackLink Building Strategies that can your Site a BRAND.

Your Own Site

“Trustworthy sites tend to link to other trusted sites, while spammy sites receive very few links from trusted sources” says Rand Fishkin, the co-founder of Moz.

By checking the flaws of your site thoroughly, you can make your site trustworthy because security and optimisation come first before everything. And, more importantly, no one wants to link to a poor performance site. But somehow if someone links to the unreliable site, they are keeping their Domain Authority, Customers Trust and hence Brand Name at risk. 

That’s why to keep you hassle free and make your site trustworthy, the following technical properties matter a lot:

Site loading speed (use Google’s PageSpeed Insights)

Mobile friendliness (use Google’s Mobile Friendly check)

Duplicate content (use Siteliner)

302 redirects

Redirect chains

404 errors

Canonical errors

Duplicate META data

Incorrect uses of directives (no index, no follow, etc)

To find the above-mentioned checks for your site, I’ll recommend you to use Screaming Frog SEO Spider FREE tool. Additionally, a site with better response time, loading time, UI and UX, Site Structure, Site Maps and Hosting is eligible for getting a better rank on Google, Yahoo and Bing like Search Engines. As their bots like to visit that site which has clears all the above- mentioned attributes and in turn, ranks them better. 


Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue” ~ Andrew Davis

You know what – “Content is key”. Through it, long-lasting relationships(backlinks) are made. So to enrich the bonds between you and other sites, your content should be strong and unique. Importantly, if your content is found duplicate by Google Bots, your site can be banned from Google Search Results. So how to make great Content?  Your content matters most, thus it should be made by defining the persona in your mind because those who make content by keeping their personas in mind are the ones who drive Successful SEO campaigns! For instance, as the articles made for defined Audience(persona) deliver the best results. Niche- Persona- Content! That’s it.

Content Marketing

Source: John Roeder via Flickr

Don’t consider that blog is the only content you can work on. There is a variety of Content over the internet varying from Blogs, Infographics, Images, Videos, Press Releases to Podcasts. These all can help you in generating organic customers to your site. Therefore, work on your niche, publish the content after a particular interval of time and consequently, reach your Goal.

Social Media

In 2017, 4.77bn people are the active internet users worldwide and the numbers are estimated to cross 5bn in 2019. 

74% of Internet users are the members of all social media platforms.

These numbers just define the huge opportunity to avail now and generate leads for your company’s growth. That’s why Social Media Platforms holds the top place in Backlink Building.

How does Social Media actually effects?

As Social Media opens up the vast opportunity for you to connect with the people out there, it’s the best source to exploit and engage maximum users. Perhaps, usage of the high PR Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn assist you in making Site’s Domain authority even better.

While, according to Runtastic co-founder and CEO, Florian Gschwandtner, the innate human propensity for sharing has allowed the company to leverage that into the success for the company.

Watch the Below Video To Know More:

Lastly, Social Media Integration in the websites can help the viewers to viral your content on their profiles over social Media. Thus, Social Media platforms should be the first preference for every small business owners. It will assist them in Brand Building. So Sign Up Now for those top social media platforms that fit your niche and start connecting with people over them by today!

Guest Posting

“Guest blogging for me is as much about the opportunities as the traffic. …all of which developed through guest posting for blogs I developed a relationship with.

Think of each article not just as a way to get traffic to your site but a way to build relationships with the people who might promote your business and your content to their own communities in the future in a myriad of ways.” saysDONNA MORITZ, founder ofSocial Sorted.

What most of the bloggers have forgotten is The Power of Guest Posting!

Ha! The most appropriate, reliable way to get a backlink from the trusted site is to write for them. Just write an outstanding article and add a do-follow or no-follow backlink over there of your site. This will help you generate an enormous amount of traffic from the high authoritative sites to you. Who uses them most? Usually, people who have courses, e-books, blogs like materials links to the Guest Post which help them in Generating Leads and hence making money. But before doing guest posting, just take care of Inbound Marketing, UI and Content of your site. That will really help you in building relationships with the clients and generating revenue from Ads and other sources.

Use Buzzsumo like FREE tools to deeply search of the top sites with Maximum Engagements of People on Social Media. And after that sort them smartly to get the Best Organisations you can work on- for doing Guest Posting. And if you are new to blogging and wish to start your own tech blog follow these steps in here.

Niche Related Blog Commenting

The most effective and traditional way to get a backlink is submitting your site’s URL in the comment section of High PR Sites. This technique helps you in leveraging your site value in terms of Page Authority, Domain Authority, Page Rank and most importantly your BRAND NAME.

But wait don’t just start doing spamming over the blog networks because Quality Matters more than the Quantity. But the spammers used Blog Commenting in a different way and that’s why Google made an update(Penguin Update) in search results. Those who used unauthorised way to get higher search engine ranking, the update was degraded their websites’ worth lowering their search results in Google by penalising them with the heavy fine. Concludingly, Penguin made everyone realise that the content was key and those with great content would be recognised and others with little or spammy content would be penalised.

Note: Don’t worry if your content is unique and you implement White Hat SEO techniques in Link Building. However, if your site gets penalised by mistake, you can submit an application to Google and they will revert back to your query as soon as possible.

How does Blog Comments really helps?

Actually, blog comments have the potential to bring targeted traffic straight to your website without the help of search engines. For example, when you post an interesting comment on a high traffic blog, visitors may click the link in your comment to visit your website. That’s how the Blog Commenting really helps. NOTE: Blog commenting can only help you avail the high traffic if you comment on your niche sites with proper Anchor Text- that engage others.

Use DropmyLinkG-Lock Finder like FREE Tools to search for Blog Comments, Forum Posting and Sponsor sites matching your niche.

That was all about the 5 Best Backlink Building Strategies to work on. Have we missed anything? Yup? Let us know in the comment section.

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