vNative provides real-time analytics in a single convenient dashboard from managing, reporting and optimizing your E-commerce Affiliate traffic.

The four major tracking components of vNative’s E-commerce functionality include:

  1. Product Feed
  2. Commerce Pixel / Postback with Order Details
  3. Campaign Setup with Customized Payout Rules (Offer/Campaign)
  4. Publisher Feeds

Your Product Feed.

vNative will load a product feed for your entire storefront or subsets of your storefront on a scheduled interval so that your product inventory is up to date.

  • Input the URL where your product feed and vNative will pull the feed on your schedule
  • Leverage full performance analytics based on your catalog (top affiliates per category, brand, Product Feed, etc…)
  • View your imported product catalog from the campaign.

Commerce Pixel:  Attribute your orders in real-time.

vNative provides an advanced commerce pixel that easily tracks within the vNative system.  With one conversion pixel or postback URL, vNative will pass back all order information you would want to see in the vNative interface regarding orders on your site.  The commerce pixel easily integrates with 3rd party tracking as well. If you use Google Tag Manager, you can easily integrate vNative pixel using GTM.

Campaign setup and Payout Rules Simplified.

vNative provides the option of paying your affiliates on a variety of levels. Create campaigns and payouts based on the Unique Id, Brand, Storefront Category or Order details (including vouchers, coupons, and line item details).

Publisher Feeds: They’re Easy to Access.

Storefront feeds for product and the creative related information is easily accessible to your affiliates through the vNative affiliate portal.  vNative campaigns an easy to use the flexible export wizard and supports multiple export methods including an API call to streamline the process.

For more information on how to leverage vNatives E-commerce functionality please contact your Account Manager!