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10 Best Affiliate Traffic Sources for Your Business

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Choosing the right Affiliate traffic sources can create a lot of traction and help you expand your business at a faster pace. It is a big task as an affiliate marketer or a brand to generate constant and clean traffic for your website. 

In Affiliate Marketing, most Affiliates rely more on platforms like Google Ads, Huge Affiliate networks, and other mainstream platforms for traffic, neglecting some less efficient but adept traffic sources.

This post highlights ways you can generate traffic, both paid and organic. 

Affiliate Traffic

What are Affiliate Traffic Sources?

A traffic source is any platform that provides potential customers to your business and directs them to your website, blog, or social media pages. It takes a considerable investment of your time and resources to maintain high-quality traffic and will help you succeed in meeting business goals.

Most Affiliates, bloggers, and influencers prefer generating traffic directly through their social media accounts, but we recommend having a landing page to direct your traffic.

Types of Traffic Sources

Traffic sources can be broadly classified into two streams: Organic Traffic and Paid Traffic

Organic Traffic 

Organic traffic generally comes from a search engine’s search results, which are unpaid and raw traffic. Other sources for organic traffic would be your social media or blog engagements with your followers. ANY traffic that comes directly from your efforts is Organic Traffic. 

 Although organic traffic takes some time to reach its competitive capacity, it is free and costs nothing. All you need is SEO-optimized, high-quality content in order to ace your organic traffic strategy. 

 Gradually, you’ll see your conversion rates increase as your ranking improves. 

 Marketing your content and SEO optimization is no doubt time-consuming and requires extensive effort to yield results, but it is definitely worth it.

 Additionally, you can drive traffic via your social media posts and engagement with your followers. According to BloggingX, 64.48% of affiliate marketers blog to generate traffic.

You need to know whom you are targeting as your audience and create valuable and necessary content to raise your brand’s awareness for them. Shortly, you will see an increasing number of followers and traffic to your website. 

 The downside of organic traffic other than the efforts you will put in is the changing ranking algorithms, which affect the traffic to your page. You will have to update your content and make it relevant from time to time.

Affiliate Traffic Sources

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic lands on your website when a user clicks on an advertisement campaign that your brand is operating via an Advertising Agency. It is broadly known as Pay-per-Click (PPC) traffic. 

 In Pay-per-Click, the traffic comes as a result of your website’s marketing on external sites. You only pay when someone clicks on the link directing to your website, unlike most ads, where you pay once the user is converted to a customer.

 Any traffic that generates from direct marketing falls under paid traffic. Direct Marketing here refers to the Paid Campaigns for your brand/website.

 Paid ad is more effective to get more traffic from your affiliates’ sites. Some popular paid traffic generators are Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc.

 Paid traffic can help create brand awareness, with some initial costs. You can create targeted campaigns and manage your ad campaigns with our Performance marketing and Affiliate management software and monitor metrics like cost per click (CPC), cost per action (CPA), cost per thousand impressions (CPM), etc. 

 A detailed analysis of your campaigns will allow you to understand your advertising efforts and make educated decisions to increase efficiency. 

 Few other paid traffic sources include Social Media Advertising, Attracting Traffic with Banner Advertisements, and Digital advertisements.

How to Choose the Best Affiliate Traffic Sources?

There are certain key points you need to consider before choosing a traffic source for your audience.

  • The Cost 

Each traffic source has some cost which depends on the quantity and quality of the traffic they can provide. 

Some networks will promise you excellent quality traffic for a higher price, but because of extensive competition, you can find some cheaper alternatives and make a good deal.

  • Traffic Availability

The amount of traffic available varies from ad network to ad network and vertical to vertical. There might be networks where you can find a lot of volumes but have low quality.

Choose your network wisely and according to your business and with respect to volumes and quality. 

  • Rules and Regulations

Some traffic sources have strict regulations and rules, which may affect your business as you will be restricted to advertising your brand on some digital spaces where you can get really good conversions. Look out for rules and regulations of such traffic sources.

  • Quality of the Traffic Source

There is a plague in affiliate marketing, infamously known as Affiliate Fraud, where your traffic source delivers bot traffic to your website. To avoid such frauds, you must monitor your traffic constantly with a tracking tool that allows you to filter out fraudulent traffic with comprehensive metrics. Check out our affiliate tracking solution for your business.

  • The Targeting your Niche or Audience

While targeting your niche or audience, you need to know everything about the niche you are focusing on and the metrics for your potential audience, such as Age, Gender, Device, Operating system, Categories, etc. Demographics are very important for your business. If you know, whom to direct your brand to, it will be easy traffic directed toward your website. 

Top 6 ways to generate organic traffic

  1. Website traffic
  2. Social Media
  3. E-mail Marketing
  4. Online Forums
  5. Reddit
  6. Quora
  7. Medium

Top 4 Best Paid Affiliate Traffic sources 

  1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
    – Google Ads
    – Facebook Ads
    – Twitter Ads
    – LinkedIn Ads
  2. Display or Banner Advertisements

Its the type of advertisement which involves a combination of images, banners, videos, and links. Banner ads tend to attract more customers as you can showcase your products in a single image. Attach a link to the banner, and you’ll see increased traffic to your website. 

  • Social Media Advertising

A recent study report showed social media ad campaigns tend to increase consumer motivation and have a positive effect on brand awareness. The upside of social media advertising is that you can target your marketing directly to your ideal audience

  • Buying Digital Media Spaces

Buying Digital media is the process of identifying and procuring the relevant ads space with timing and context to reach your targeted audience and increase conversion rates.

It can involve small interactive sessions such as games, where you can educate your customers about your product/service and intrigue them about your brand.


While there are many affiliate traffic sources available on the internet, cost shouldn’t be a factor to attract traffic to your website. You can target your audience organically. Yes, it is competitive, and you need to invest more time and effort. But it is worth the trouble. 

Although, money well spent has its own benefits and will yield amazing results. 

We recommend a perfect blend of the two as both are equally important to create brand awareness and yield traffic. 

You should definitely consider tracking your affiliate traffic with Trackier’s Affiliate Tracking Solutions. It’s highly customizable and client-oriented. What’s more? we offer a free trial!



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