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Tracking Value or Macros are special tokens which replace the value in Campaign URL or Publisher PostBack URL.

For example, the macro {ip} will be replaced by visitors IP say

Trackier supports all mobile with Custom macros which you can create your own depending on your needs.

All Tracking Values (Macros)

Macro Description Macro Description
{camp_id} Short Id of Campaign {adv_id} Long Advertiser ID
{campaign_id} Long Hashed Id of Campaign {advertiser_id} Short advertiser ID
{campaign_title} Title of Campaign {advertiser_name} Advertiser Name
{publisher_id} ID of Publisher who is running the Campaign {tdomain} Tracking domain on which the Campaign Runs
{aff_name}, {aff_username} Name/Username of Publisher running the Campaign {click_id} Unique ID of Click Event Recorded
{aff_id} Long Publisher Id (24 Characters) {click_time} Timestamp for the Click Event
{source} Sub Publisher ID {click_datetime} Date Time for the Click Event (Y-m-d H:i:s) in account timezone
{region} State/City of the Click generated IP {gaid} Google Advertising ID MACRO
{android_id} Android Device ID Macro {idfa} Apple Identifier For Advertising
{app_id}, {app_name} Get App ID, App name from tracking link and pass it to your advertiser {payout} or {sale_amount} Payout/Sale amount in Default Currency (ONLY in CALLBACKS)
{creative_name} Get the creative name in tracking link and pass it to your advertiser {payout_usd} or {sale_amount_usd} Payout/Sale amount in USD for the Campaign (ONLY in CALLBACKS)
{p1}, {p2}, {p3}, {p4}, {p5}, {p6}, {p7}, {p8}, {p9}, {p10} Tracking Parameter’s which was appended in tracking url {user_agent} Browser on which the Click Event occured
{device_id} Device ID For App Installs Campaign (ONLY in POSTBACK) {referer} Referring Domian for the Click Event
{conversion_id} Conversion Id of the record of any Conversion, Sale, Goal etc {country_id} 2 Digit Country ID
{random_100} Get a random number between 0 to 100. You can use this to generate multiple publisher ids like: pub_{random_100} in campaign URL {ip}, {conversion_ip} Click IP of User, Conversion IP of User
{random} 7-15 Digit number randomly selected {sub1}, {sub2}, {sub3}, {sub4}, {sub5}, {sub6}, {sub7}, {sub8}, {sub9}, {sub10} Tracking Parameter’s which was appended in image pixel url
{conversion_date}, {conversion_datetime}, {conversion_time} Conversion Date and Time {os} Operating System
{isp} Internet Service Provider {goal_id}, {goal_title}, {goal_value} Goal ID, Goal Title, Goal Value (ONLY IN POSTBACK)

Placing Macro In Campaign URL

  • Macro – In Trackier macros are inside {}, these are the value which is changed when link run and passed in the parameter
  • Parameter – These are the where macro value is passed when link runs.

Advertiser Parameter= {Trackier_Macro}

lets say 3rd party click id paramter is aff-sub then in Campaign URL you will set like this.{click_id}&offer_id={camp_id}&adv_name={advertiser_name}&adv_id={advertiser_id}&click_dt={click_datetime}

so here {click_id}, {camp_id}, {advertiser_name}, {advertiser_id}, {click_datetime} are Trackier Macro Which is passed in aff_sub, offer_id, adv_name, adv_id, click_dt are Advertiser Parameter.

Placing Macro In Publisher Postback URL

Publisher_Parameter = Trackier _Macro

let’s say 3rd party click id macro is transaction_id then in Publisher Postback will set like this.{p1}

so here trasaction_id are Publisher ParameterWhich is passed in {p1} which is Trackier Macro.

Creating new Tokens

It is a  feature in Trackier platform only where you can add as many tracking values tokens you need apart from the existing tracking parameters like {sub1}, {txn_id} etc.

Go to Customize and Enable Custom Dimension from Tracking Page and hit save, Now a new menu link will appear in left custom dimension. Enter Name to add a new custom field and hit save.

Custom Dimension- Trackier

Example to use custom dimension:{click_id}&security_token=b50346a1c529c82dac33&

I have used email as a custom dimension, for every custom dimension created its corresponding tracking value is also created in example email is custom dimension its tracking value will be {email}

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