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Payout Tiers helps you setup different payout for your publisher according to their performance. This is a significantly snappier approach than setting a custom payout for every publisher overall offers, especially if a different publisher has an identical payout for the offers. This part is in ideal for the organisation who want to setup payout on the performance of the publisher, ensuring top performing publishers get a higher payout per conversion than standard.

By default, a publisher that is new and signs up will be placed in the standard payout tier, as the time goes by you can keep track the performance of each publisher and one who is bringing higher conversion you can put that publisher in higher payout lets say “Gold” or “Silver”.

You can set different publisher in different tiers and while updating or adding a new campaign you can set payout value for each tier.

Payout tiers are already enabled and ready to be configured in your Trackier network. The first step is to create your payout tiers, then assign affiliates to each tier, then setting a payout for each tier in your campaign.

Creating Payout TIERs

To Open Payout TIERs go to Publisher > Payout TIERs on the left side menu of a dashboard.

Dashboard- Payout Tier
You will Find Payout TIERs In The Left Menu List Under Publisher Section
Publisher Payout Tier
  • Name: You can give a name to the TIERs category.
  • Level: You can define the random number to each category.
  • Active: You can activate and deactivate categories anytime.
  • Publisher Assigned: You can check how many publishers assigned for particular Tier.
  • New TIER: You can Add any New Tier as per the requirement.

Adding Payout TIERs in New Campaign.

Revenue and Payout
In New Campaign In Revenue And Payout Card You Will Find TIER Option

In Revenue And Payout card while creating a campaign you will find option Tier, After Selecting it you will find an option to Add Revenue and Payout for “Standard”, “Gold” & “Silver” tier’s publishers.

Updating Payout TIERs In Old Campaign

Manage Payout Goal
You Will Find Manage Payout & Goals Option Card Inside A Particular Created Campaign
Revenue & Payout
You Can Update Revenue And Payout Tier In This Section In Any Old Campaign

Assigning Publisher In TIERs

Assigning Publisher In TIERs
Access This Screen Inside Manager Publisher> “Publisher” >In setting card EDIT

Now as you have successfully setup TIERs and created a campaign with payout TIERs, Now you can easily update publisher in different tier according to the performance of that publisher.
After this particular Publisher will only see the assigned payout for him in the campaign info.

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