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Global Goal feature is the best way to track multiple conversion points in a single offer. It helps you to pay your affiliate for different action taken by the user after clicking on tracking link.
This Feature is very helpful in CPI offer and surely help you to make a global goal and could be used in any campaign to track events.

Utilizing Global Goal, you can track:
1. leads and sales for an offer
2. downloads and installs
3. free signups and paid subscriptions

And may other payout structures you might want. Global goals help to track the performance of your advertising funnels or by setting up different payout for a publisher when extra task done by user apart from doing the main goal.

Go to Campaign from dashboard > Click on Global Goal

You Will Find Global Goal Option In Campaign from left Side Menu

How To Setup Global Goal

Global Goals
This Popup Will Appear To Add New Goal.

As you Get into Global Goals page click on +New Goal

  • Name: Give a name to your goal.
  • Value: You can use this value to track goals in the postback like &goal_value=ps1
  • Variable: You can set a goal to public or private according it is visible to the publisher.
  • Final For that defined goal you can set revenue and payout for publisher if goal is achedived.
Setup Global Goals

Once Goal is saved you can See every goal Title, Value given to that particular goal, Payout and Revenue of the goal, Date on which it is created and Action button to delete and edit goal.

Adding Goal Value In Postback

In Particular Campaign In Conversion Tracking card > check Add Goal Value option > From Drop Down Value Select Goal Value that you already setup in Global Goal. Let’s say you add “PS1” as a goal id your post back look like.

PostBack looks like:{click_id}&sub1=yourdata&goal_value=PS1

Pixel looks like:
<img src="″>

Postback tracking Macros use

  • {goal_id} Goal ID
  • {goal_title} Goal Title
  • {goal_value} Goal Value (ONLY IN POSTBACK)
Dashboard- Revenue and Payouts

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