Trackier is now integrated with Intercom

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Tracker brings you the ease of doing business amidst your clients with this new integration. Intercom is a messaging platform that is quick, friendly and easy to use with some of the features including automated answers, interactive applications to make the customer experience more good and profitable.

It is beneficial for advertisers as well as publishers as they can also communicate within their team once this integration takes place.

How to Integrate?

Once you login into the Tackier platform follows the simple steps :

Step 1 – Look for the Integration tab on the top right corner. Then go for the +Add New tab on the left side of the panel. The final action in this step would be proceeding with the config tab once you have searched the Intercom integration. 



Step-2: Enter the App_ID and the Source that you will get from the Intercom.



Finally, you will receive a notification as Integration updated successfully.


In case you have any issue please mail us at

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