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The suppression list in Trackier is a special type of subscriber list. You can upload it through Admin Panel and it contains email addresses you don’t want to send email to, to help protect your sending reputation. Email addresses on the suppression list help your publisher to know on which subscriber they should not send the promotional material from now on.

This is very helpful for the network who have offers to work on email, so this way they can communicate with the publisher in a systematic way by letting them know which Email is Unsubscribed.

Uploading Suppression List

Suppression list trackier

Here you can upload Batch of Email as a CSV on the Platform, Also From Single Entry, You can add one by one email as well.
You have access to the previous 10 Batch History on the Panel.

How Publisher Can Download Suppression List

Publishers from there panel can download the Suppression List easily.

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